A group of Amish men showcases the strength of teamwork to the whole world by moving a barn with their bare hands.


Yes, they moved a barn with their bare hands. They did something which seemed impossible without the help of cranes and heavy machinery.

This incident is a pure example of the strength of teamwork.

Looking at this, one would definitely accept that a person in the Amish community is really lucky, to have such a community to back them whenever needed.

It wasn’t a small shed either. It was a humongous one. But these Amish men moved it without any hesitation by working as one.

It seems like every male member of the community has joined hands with each other helping to move the massive structure.

The Amish are a Christian group in North America. They are traditional people that prioritize family, humility, and community. And they live separately from the non-Amish. They show reluctance to adopt modern utilities such as electricity.

The Amish community prefers simplicity than following a complex lifestyle. Some breakaway groups from the community form their own communities, adopting some of the modern luxuries, but the majority prefer a simple lifestyle.

The Amish live by the teachings of the bible and have a special place in their hearts for the teachings, which depict the value of simplicity and humility while ignoring everything which opposes a simple lifestyle.

Their lifestyle defines the term simplicity.

Think what would have happened in a situation like this in the modern world. The people would hire a crane and a big truck to move the barn. Lifting it together will not even be considered.

But this group of people acted like a swarm of bees, working together to achieve their goal and handled the huge structure like a colony of ants carrying a large chunk of food.

The comment section of the video was full of comments from people who were amazed watching the clip.

“Teamwork at its best. Never seen something like this before. This video clip teaches us the strength of teamwork and makes us question ourselves, why can’t we work together like this?” says Ed Hettman.

While Jon Nemeth said, ” I know that the Amish community can build a barn in a couple of hours, but never knew they can do things like this, it’s amazing and inspiring to watch. God bless all Amish members”.

Allowing outsiders to film this incident is a real treat because they are a very private community.

Different sources say that the Amish community is slowly opening up to the other communities and the modern world. But still, the world has a lot to learn from them.

One could argue that it could’ve been easier to build a new barn on the top of the hill than to carry the humongous structure uphill.

But who knows, maybe they did it to gain likes and views, even though they don’t use cell phones to access the internet.

The patience, manners, unity, and simplicity of the Amish set them apart from the whole world. Finally, my opinion is that we should all learn from them, the value of teamwork and that life is much easier when you help each other.

Check out this amazing move below!

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