A grateful kangaroo extends a handshake – Gratitude for saving its life from a freezing lake.


First of all, let’s have a simple IQ check. What is the country that is best known for Kangaroos? I don’t think anyone could get it wrong unless you miss your geography classes :-). Without any doubt, Australia is the most famous place for Kangaroos.

Kangaroos are marsupials with muscular bodies and similar looks. These creatures look beautiful and cute, yet they are a bit dangerous regarding self-defense.

At dawn on a day in September 2021, three men saw a kangaroo seated in a freezing lake. The poor animal was shivering furiously and thus couldn’t move away from the water. Without taking too long, the group decided to help the Kangaroo to get out.

Once the men started getting close to the creature, it looked panicked. The arms of the Kangaroo trying to resist the rescuers makes it evident that it is trying to avoid them. But once the men got to hold on to the hands of the creature, it seemed to have nothing left to defend itself. As the animal was brought safely to the land, the third member helped to pull out the Kangaroo from the ground and calm it down. But it took a bit to get the Kangaroo to know they were trying to help. Well, afterward, the grateful creature shakes the hand of the person that saved its life. The group said it took more than half an hour for the Kangaroo to recover. Eventually, everything was ok, and the creature hopped away.

It was just beautiful to watch how the Kangaroo made a handshake in the form of gratitude. The Kangaroo was lucky to get help since some more time in the water would have cost its life.

Although what if I say it wasn’t the most excellent idea to help out Kangaroo. Please don’t be offended. Keep reading, and you will understand.

At the time of the rescue, many people overlooked the situation and captured it on their devices. Thus, a crowd would make Kangaroos easily nervous, resulting in violent behavior.

As soon as the rescue ended, the group dialed the ACT Parks and Conservation Service to inform them about what happened. The first advice from the park was to avoid approaching injured animals in the future. The spokesperson from the garden also stated that the best solution in such a situation would be to call the wildlife services. It is the best protocol to follow to ensure the safety of both visitors and wildlife.

The park explained the scenario saying that it is due to safety protocols that it is advised not to help injured animals. The best way is to call the wildlife services while keeping an eye on the injured creature. Yet there must be a distance between the animal and the public with enough room for the animal to move away from the premises.

They have shared a page on The Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science website dedicated to kangaroos and wallabies; Often, the community thinks that male kangaroos are placid grazing animals. However, it is not as it seems. They can be aggressive to humans. Despite the highly slim possibility that this may happen, we should exercise caution near them. People who approach a dominant male too closely when mating with a female may be viewed as dangerous by the creatures.

In addition, the department said: The size and strength of kangaroos and wallabies are essential aspects of their personalities, and they should be treated with respect. Living with kangaroos and wallabies may be managed by developing a mutually discreet relationship and being prepared to take action if any potentially harmful circumstances emerge.

They said it would be unfortunate to lose the opportunity to view such magnificent animals in the wild due to a lack of understanding or respect for their way of life by humans.

The men in the video were lucky that neither the Kangaroo nor anybody else was injured. Would you ever take on such a task? The comment section is open for your ideas.

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