A girl in her dead aunt’s prom dress makes her dad emotional.


Chuck lost his sister only when she was 19 years old. After years of her passing away, Chuck’s daughter got dressed in her aunt’s prom dress. It was the moment when everyone witnessed how much did Chuck miss her sister.

Having a sibling is something that everyone should possess. We learn to share and care for each other. Mostly it is the first step in socializing for most children.

In times of trouble, they become our main support.

On many occasions, they act as our best friends. The way how siblings show their love towards each other differs. But living with them always counts as the best time’s in life.

Life is always filled with the unexpected.

Hardships, happy memories, unforgettable incidents, problems, and so many others happen when life is passed. So did happen to Chuck’s family.
But the family had to face something much more unfortunate than others. Chuck’s sister who was in her 19 passed away from an unexpected tragedy. This incident made an unfillable black in their lives.

With time Chuck’s sister became a loving memory in everyone’s life.

In case Chuck’s sister passed away at a young age, Chuck’s daughter Kenzie had no chance to meet her aunt. Knowing what happened she came up with an idea to honor her aunt. When Kenzie was in time for a prom she decided to wear her aunt’s prom gown in honor of her aunt she never met.

This wonderful idea was kept a secret from Chuck. Kenzie only told her grandma about what she was about to do. It was a pleasant surprise for Chuck.

On the day of prom night, Kenzie was dressed up in her surprise dress. Before stepping out for the prom with friends she asked her father to meet her. Kenzie had told Chuck that she needed to say goodbye before her departure.

Finally, the moment of surprise was on.

Chuck came outside with a big smile on his face to see his daughter in her prom dree. When Chuck saw Kenzie he froze on the spot, as he realized that Kenzie was wearing his late sister’s dress. The elegant dress with pink satin complemented Kenzie’s beauty. Chuck got teared up immediately as he remembered his sister in the same dress years ago.

This emotional incident was recorded by Chuck’s wife, who already knew about the surprise. They had to do some adjustments to dress Kenzie, but Chuck’s reactions said everything about the wonderful surprise.

Chuck starring at her daughter, embracing her beauty and remembering his sister. His emotions were as close as they could get to bursting into tears, One can say how much Chuck was lost in the memories of his sister.

” It was really hard to hide this from you, until the moment”, said Kenzie and Chuck replied, ” I wasn’t expecting to see this, but it was much worthy”.

After the moment of overflowing emotions between them, Kenzie went to her prom night happily.

What a clever young lady!

She shared the rollercoaster of emotions with everyone with a small video clip, from feeling sad to happy. A moment that will be remembered forever.

You can watch the video from the link below, and dot forget to show love to your siblings!

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