A girl adopted a sickly puppy out of the litter, but nobody expected what he would become – they were both surprised!


When Justina Strumilaite met Brownie, it was like a match made in heaven. Brownie looked like a sweet little fuzzy kitten, but had only two toes on his right paw and couldn’t eat properly. They felt sure this tiny, frail runt of the litter wouldn’t live long.

Justina had faith in Brownie and encouraged him to get the attention and nourishment he needed. Eventually he started eating better and put on weight – check out the amazing transformation in the photos below!

He looks like an angry Ewok and he’s getting even fluffier! According to Justina, he was a very active little ball of fur when he was a kitten. Now he is a majestic animal!

Wow! Look at all that fur!

Brownie went from a weak, tiny pup to a large, fluffy pup!

He is bigger than some dogs!

He knows he looks great! Brownie, you look fantastic!

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