A gas station employee who helped a woman in a desperate situation is awarded cash worth an eight-year wage.


The world is a mix of good and evil. Everyone likes to see only the interest in our lives. But, bad times do occur – no one can go against destiny. However, a good person could help to overcome bad times. Here we are to read a similar story running around a good gas attendant who helped a woman in a bad scenario with no gas and money.

Monet van Deventer of Cape Town, South Africa, once headed to refuel. But it was just then she realized that she had no money or cards in her possession.

Monet just realized she had forgotten her card after filling up the tank. Fortunately, the attendant, Nkosikho Mbele, was kind and understood that this woman was in a bit of a panic.

Monet attempted to stop the gas attendant from washing the glasses as he moved toward the car.

“I had an odd feeling that I’d left my bank card at home. I began searching for it, and Nkosikho started cleaning my glasses while I was searching,” van Deventer told Times Live.

As Monet didn’t have any money with her, she didn’t want the attendant to wash her screens because she wouldn’t be capable of paying. The attendant, on the other hand, observed her gas meter’s red alert and was not about to let her leave.

“I thanked him for cleaning my car screen. Because he was staring at my gasoline meter, I told him that I won’t be able to put gas in now. He was agitated and surprised after hearing me,” she continued.

The middle-aged gas station employee could not allow the woman to return to the roadway because it was possibly unsafe. Therefore, he made her an extremely generous offer. He volunteered to cover her fuel bill of around a hundred rands (approximately seven dollars), so she could comfortably go across the N2 motorway with adequate gasoline.

He took up his credit card and walked to the cashier to pay for the petrol.

“Madam, you can’t drive out of gasoline on the N2,” he remarked. “Then he said, ‘I’ll give R100 and that you can simply pay it back whenever you’re around again,'” Monet added.

The worker began refilling the tank, insisting on assisting Monet.

initially mistook it for something given by Shell, which came with a hefty price tag. It was solely a genuine transaction.

“At first, I guessed that was a company method that Shell does, but when I saw him use his own bank card, I was shocked. IT HIT ME when I got behind the wheel what had just transpired.”

Mbele works at minimum wage, and the cost of the bill was nearly as much as he earned in an entire day.

The pump worker didn’t have much cash to spend, with a weekly salary of 1,100R (about $75). He didn’t know whether he’d ever get his money again, but he couldn’t leave the woman trapped in such a situation.

“When I asked how the fuel level was, she answered it was very little. ‘Can you manage it?’ I inquired, and she replied, ‘I don’t think so.’ therefore, I offered to help her out,” Mbele subsequently told Times Live.

The woman reappeared a few days later with his cash and a box of goodies.

“I was overjoyed that she returned. I can tell she valued my assistance by the look on her face; you can tell when someone appreciates what you’ve done for them,” Mbele stated.

The woman didn’t return with only a lone box of goodies.

This tale instantly became popular after Monet shared it on her social media, and thousands of people appreciated the worker. She organised a fundraising campaign for him, which was a huge hit.

She stated on the crowdfunding page, “Since Nkosikho rescued me that day, I would like to do this in gratitude for him.” “His two kids, mother, and sibling reside with him in Khayelitsha, and any gifts will be greatly appreciated.”

The fundraising ended with roughly $94,000 raised, which is an astonishing sum for the pump worker. It is like earning eight years’ worth of wages with one kind gesture. The tale even made its way up the corporate ladder, where he was nominated for the Regional Service Excellence Award.

Shell also agreed to contribute $35,000 to a charitable cause of the worker’s choosing.

Chairperson Hloniphizwe Mtolo said to Mbele, “I saw the wonderful news. Congratulations on the excellent work you’ve done. And I’m happy to say that we have chosen to contribute half a million rand to a charity of your choice.”

It’s incredible how a simple act of kindness can have such a big impact!

Watch the below video to see a reconstruction of the incident.

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