A fisherman may set a record after hauling in an unbelievable 9-foot-long catfish.


Benjamin initially imagined he’d hooked into a large tree. Then his pole began to sway.

Nothing on Earth is more mysterious than the unexplored seas and underwater worlds about which we still have so much to learn.

These fisherman discovered this firsthand as they drew a potentially world-record-breaking catfish from the water, leaving people speechless.

This doesn’t even appear to be from our planet.

A huge catch

Benjamin Gründer, a fisherman, was having an ordinary day.

Until something unusual happened.

Gründer snagged his hook in something that felt strange while fishing on the River Po in Italy.

But he had no idea he’d wind up reeling in such a massive catfish.

Taking on the fish

Gründer first assumed he’d hooked a tree because no fish he’d ever caught had been this powerful.

The fisherman imagined he had grabbed a log or some other inanimate object because he had no idea what was putting such power on his fishing pole.

He was completely wrong.

He kept spinning.

In fact, he found the biggest fish he had ever had the chance to catch. It was then that he saw the fish moving around and realized that he had caught something special.

You’d think it would take hours to reel in a 9-foot, 300-pound catfish, but Gründer achieved it in 45 minutes.

When he eventually caught this fish, he couldn’t believe his eyes; The fish was so big that many people thought it had to be a record.

Only if he had weighed it, we’ll never know for sure, but it sure appears that way.

To be honest, Gründer’s catfish appears to be considerably larger than 300 pounds, but you be the judge.

The largest catfish ever reported was the Mekong gigantic catfish, which measured 9 feet and weighed 646 pounds, and Gründer’s appears to be at least as large.

That’s right, in 2005, two fisherman were fishing in Thailand’s Mekong River near their village when they captured a 9-foot, nearly 700-pound catfish that took them over an hour to land.

The largest freshwater fish ever documented, according to experts.

Do you believe Gründer’s appears to be larger?

I’d say it’s near, but it’s difficult to know; luckily, they acquired images of Gründer’s catfish, or people might not have believed this massive fish existed.

This isn’t the first time the expert fisherman has caught a large catfish.

His Instagram is littered with them.

Check out Benjamin Gründer’s social media to see more of his remarkable things, although how big many of them are remains unknown.

It was always a catch, but never a keeper.

This is due to the fact that he catches and releases the fish, something you can’t really complain about.

Seeing fish like this uncovered in the murky waters of lakes and rivers makes you wonder what else is out there, but if you’re swimming in them this summer, you probably wouldn’t want to know…

In the video below, you can see this fisherman haul in one of the biggest catfish!

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