A firefighter who became a doctor, then father to a newborn baby girl.


The story starts with a call from a woman who complained of abdominal pain. The whole incident was a series of events that anyone would have not even thought of.

Unexpectedly the incident made Marc Hadden change his life.

Marc Hadden is from Myrtle Beach, Southern Carolina. He is a firefighter by occupation. As well, he is the father of two boys and husband to Beth Hadden. Yet they had two boys, and the couple wished to have more children. Unfortunately, after giving birth to the two boys, Beth was warned that having more biological babies may be a risk. Marc said the warning said having more babies could cause Beth as well the potential bay more complications.

Next, they thought of adoption. But Beth being a teacher, the salaries of the couple together didn’t fit the budget for such a family of 5. So, they led their life happily with the two boys with their futures in God’s hands. But all was to change with the phone call. It was meant to be an ordinary call but did result in changing the lives of all the Hadden family.

On a day at work, Marc answered a call from a woman having abdominal pain. She was at the request of an ambulance.

As soon Marc reached the premises, he realized that she was in labor pain. No time was left for the hospital, and Marc had to deliver the baby himself, for the first time in his life. The baby was a beautiful little girl.

Straight after delivering Marc with his partner brought the baby and mother to the hospital. Marc overheard a nurse stating that the baby ought to be put up for “immediate adoption” according to the mom. Hearing that, marc jokingly replied telling them to throw his name in the hat if the baby’s being put up for adoption.

Soon words turned into something serious. the nurses told Marc to speak with the mother of the child if he is willing to take the child for adoption. He did speak and told that they were wishing for a new child in their family but can afford to have a biological child.

Afterward, he sent photos of the baby to his wife. She also joked about wanting to keep her. Luckily the joke turned out to be a reality soon.

A few days later the newborn was brought to Marc’s place. She was named Rebecca Grace Hadden and is known as Gracie.

The adoption was all set, yet they had financial difficulties while carrying out the day-to-day chores. It was when the community stepped in to help the Hadden family. Friends, relatives, and associates showed up with all the baby supplies the Hadden’s would require and a bit additional.

Marc joked he could not even open his front door since the supplies from their community were overflowing.

Marc was interviewed five years later by, “Inside Edition” to see how the Hadden family and Gracie were doing. “Gracie has me wrapped around her finger. There’s no doubt about it,” said Marc.

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