A father’s unconditional love has brought his daughter back to him.


The daughter of Chris Emmanuel lived with another family after her birth. The father was unaware of her birth and the adoption. However, this did not stop him from claiming his rights and loving his daughter.

For the father, it was rather impossible to win the court, but the 25-year-old father took every possible step to have his daughter back. This story depicts the beautiful challenge a father had to face to protect his rights as a father.

This all began when his girlfriend got pregnant. They lived in Aiken, South Carolina, and he described his girlfriend as a girly girl yet shared some of the men’s interests. Emmanuel has said that he had never met someone of that nature before, but he has enjoyed their shared moments.

After the breathtaking news, Emmanuel was as happy as a married man, and he confessed that the couple had talked about marriage too, even though they are from different backgrounds.

Emmanuel had said that he was happy, as it was his first child, and he was going to be there, and they were going to do everything they got to do.

Even though the couple was ready to put aside their differences and make it work, the families were against their relationship, and Emmanuel had strictly confessed that it might have to do something with his race.

Emmanuel had further said that even though the meeting and the families’ reactions felt like ” a punch in the stomach “, he and his girlfriend still agreed to raise the baby together.

However, the promise was fake as his girlfriend avoided Emmanuel and even didn’t call him when the baby was arriving. He only got to know about the birth after a week from a messenger. Afterwards, his girlfriend put the baby up for adoption without consulting Emmanuel.

Only then did Emmanuel get to know that the baby was adopted by a family living in a different state, and the paperwork was also done. Within a glimpse of an eye, his dream of being a father was shattered like a piece of glass.

Emmanuel further said that his daughter was stolen from him, and he had asserted his rights. He further added that his rights were stripped off him, and also he had to prove himself to his daughter.

Eventually, the adopted family claims that the father’s presence is unwanted in the daughter’s life, and it’s obvious that it’s a futile attempt to separate the father from the daughter. However, the law wasn’t going to allow Emmanuel to be the child’s father. But, after battling for 3 months with the court, Emmanuel regained his official rights as a father.

Emmanuel was considered lucky, as many fathers don’t get the chance to win custody of their children. But, if we paid attention to his struggles, it sure wasn’t a lucky win.

Even though he won custody of the child, it might have been a huge expensive ride, as family courts are meant to be costly.

Emmanuel said that all he could do was break down on his knees, cry, and thank God for bringing his daughter back to him because all he needed was her to get in his arms.

It was Emmanuel’s intelligence that led him to have his daughter. He got the news about his daughter’s birth only because he registered his name to the state’s
responsible father registry before the arrival of his daughter. If he hadn’t done so, his life would have completely changed and forever dark.

Below is the complete news report on the father’s battle to reclaim his daughter.

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