A father saves his little girl from a kidnapper, a real-life superhero.


Don’t even think of messing with this dad; he is a literal hero.

You will be stunned after attending this tale, specifically if you are also a parent.

The event will remain in Freddie Cantrell’s memory forever. He resides in Auburn, directly next to a Regional Park. He engages in different outdoor activities with his children and his former wife daily. But one adulterous evening, while his ex-wife and her boyfriend were watching the children, something strange occurred.

The park was a place that they adored.

“My ex-wife phoned me and said I needed to get over there. She claimed that some stranger had just attempted to take our baby, Aubrey,” says Cantrell.

Aubrey’s six-year-old sister, Natalie, also witnessed the disturbing incident.

“A stranger simply showed up and began pulling her.” Little Natalie recalled how he ran towards Aubrey and tried to grab her.

When Cantrell’s ex-wife and her boyfriend noticed this, they took swift action. They started sprinting while chasing the kidnapper. When Cantrell spotted them, he immediately began to speed the other way. It’s because Cantrell knew that it was the only way to capture the kidnapper.

“The kidnapper attempted using the shackles that were around his fingers to restrain me. He wanted to strike me with them while making them appear like brass knuckles. I had no choice except to take swift action and beat him down,” Cantrell recalls.

The kidnapper was a twenty-six-year-old man named Yonel Hernandez.

Yonel Hernandez-Velasco was arrested soon after the assistant county got on the site. The kidnapper was accused of attempting to kidnap and attack with a dangerous weapon.

“We often follow the news. Therefore, we are conscious of the horrible stuff that people go through. Our only wish is that our kids will never experience anything similar,” said April McGuinness, a neighboring resident, and eyewitness to the tragedy.

I can’t envision what might transpire if the roles were reversed and I was the target. McGuinness’s son stated as he joined the discussion.

The news got viral quickly, and most locals surrounding Regional Park are relieved that the kidnapper is no longer roaming the area.

“My response wouldn’t be any different either. It applies even if the children are not mine. We are talking about children here,” said another resident.

Cantrell used his self-defensive tricks and finished the job.

“I noticed many people applauding me and saying, ‘Wow, you’re a real-life superhero; you rescued the child.’ But I don’t even know what to say in reply,” adds Cantrell. “I will defend her under any circumstances. That young girl is my baby.”

Aubrey’s mom took steps to record the event and share it on social media. Her video blew up, receiving numerous responses from worried citizens around the nation. The clip got shared well over 1,000 times. The dad’s heroism received accolades.

It was uncertain if the culprit, Hernandez Velasco, was on drugs or alcohol use. He was brought to the medical facility, where blood tests were used to verify him. The guy was later sent to Auburn Prison. His bail is $1.2 million, and he will stay in detention.

The clip below has further information about this tale.

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