A father passes away after holding her daughter for the last time in his life.


Unfortunately, he did hold his daughter once in his life. Also, it was just for 45 minutes.

Once a kid is born, both parents look forward eagerly to holding their little treasure for the first time. At present, hospitals have facilitated parents with that devoted chance. For new parents and veteran parents, this moment feels precious alike.

With time the child is held in parents’ arms thousands of times until they grow up mature enough. Unfortunately, for one girl, it was precisely once in her life.

Upon eight months of treatment, Mark was declared cancer-free on December 11, 2011.

Mark was brought to the hospital nine days before the birth of his fifth child and confirmed with pulmonary fibrosis, a lung illness characterized by scarred or damaged tissue (January 3, 2012). This condition was a side effect of Mark’s treatment.

Most people with pulmonary fibrosis get a 3 to 5-year survival rate with appropriate medications.

Though expectations for steroid and oxygen treatments faltered on January 16, 2012, things started to deteriorate.

It was just away from the delivery, and doctors revealed that Mark would not survive long. He only had a week of his life left.

Savannah’s mother, Diane, chose to initiate delivery prematurely with the help of her physicians so that Mark could meet his daughter.

Mark slept on his delivery room bed on January 18, 2012, as Diana gave birth with his oxygen levels sufficient for him to keep her for 45 minutes. And, naturally, those forty-five minutes were distressing for him and Diane, who claims she sobbed the entire time.

It was January 19 2012. Mark tried to hold Savannah in her hands once more. Yet all dreams washed away when he descended into a coma.

Diane claims that when her husband was in a coma, she would lay the baby on his chest, and his hand rose towards Savannah. Also, Mark would toss his head and groan in repose if Savannah cried.

It’s painful to consider how much Mark must have wished to soothe and cuddle his baby. He was unbelievably a loving father.

Mark died on January 23, 2012, accompanied by his family.

The family received an outpouring of sympathy following Mark’s death. The affection was plentiful, from funds to baby necessities. Thanks to the generosity of others, Diane was able to buy a vehicle, enabling the family to move on.

Everything doesn’t end happily ever after. It’s the nature of life, even after knowing that the story could bring anyone into tears.

The father and daughter only had a few minutes together.
However, it’s crucial to recall the joy that this chance brought to Mark at the time and Savannah for her entire life. She will grow up knowing that she had been held by her father, and she will have a photo to remind her of that beautiful time.

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