A family rescued an octopus who was stuck and the following day, it came back to show its appreciation in an impressive way.


Scientists say that octopuses have emotional intelligence and can even remember human faces. The octopus knew the people who saved him, and thanked them in an emotional way.

People who spend time with animals know that they can feel emotions and form connections with humans. This seems to be true even for octopuses.

Scientists have confirmed that octopuses have emotional intelligence.

Peter Godfrey-Smith said in Scientific American Mind that octopuses are probably the closest we’ll ever get to meeting an intelligent alien.

Godfrey-Smith says that octopuses can recognize people by their faces, even when they are wearing the same clothes. They can also show other human-like traits, such as playing with objects, having a good memory, and being clever when trying to escape.

A family discovers how similar to humans the creatures are after rescuing an octopus that was stuck on the shore.

We went to the Red Sea for our holiday and while walking along a quiet beach, we spotted an octopus lying in the sand and weren’t sure if it was alive or dead. So we put it back in the water.

They expected they would never see the octopus again, but the next day they realized this was not true.

He took a few minutes to regain his strength and then swam away. The next day, we went back to the same beach for a walk. As we were walking, we saw something moving quickly in the water. It was the octopus we had saved the day before! He remembered us!

The octopus not only knew the family, but it really liked them and was grateful for their help in saving it.

He stayed with us for a while as we walked along the beach, constantly trying to touch our feet,” the caption said. We think this octopus came back to thank us for helping him. It’s amazing how smart animals can be.

Of course animals are intelligent! We humans are just one of thousands of species living on the planet. It doesn’t make sense to think that we would be the only ones with intelligence and emotions, no matter what you believe created us.

After meeting Kurt the octopus, this family decided they would never eat octopus again.

See their nice meeting with Kurt in the video below.

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