A family has welcomed a baby girl, their first in 138 years.


The wait is finally over after a long time.

Having a baby, no matter if it’s a boy or a girl, is a wonderful gift for every family.

A Michigan family wanted a girl in their family for a special reason.

It has been 138 years since a girl was born into the Clark family.

For many years, every pregnancy in the family has always been a baby boy.

It was always wonderful to have cute little boys in the family, but it would be even better if they had both boys and girls.

The family thought it was almost impossible to have a girl, but destiny had something else in mind.

Little Audrey Clark was born on March 17.

Carolyn married Andrew without knowing that his family had always had sons.

She didn’t know that all of Andrew’s ancestors were men.

She was surprised when she first heard about it, and thought their story might be different.

However, when they first found out they were pregnant, they discovered they were having a boy.

She wondered if the “boys only” trend would stay with them too.

Carolyn had a baby, Cameron, when he was four years old, she and her partner wanted to have another child, hoping for a daughter.

The couple had two pregnancies that didn’t work out, but were thrilled to find out Carolyn was expecting again.

Is it going to be a girl this time?

Carolyn, like any expecting mother, was very excited for her upcoming baby.

She was really excited to find out if it was a boy or girl.

The other family members were also there.

The family had a straightforward gender reveal party, and everyone had their own guess about what the baby’s gender would be.

Do they have another boy?

Maybe, a girl might come from Andrew’s family.

Everyone was quiet as they nibbled on the cookies that had the answer inside.

Everyone got very excited when they saw the color of the cookie’s filling.

It was a pink color!

The Clarks are finally having a baby girl after 138 years!

The couple was overjoyed by the news and thrilled for themselves and their family.

Carolyn was supposed to have her baby in March and, just like she was supposed to, she had little Audrey on St. Patrick’s Day.

Andrew told GMA that they also kept it a secret.

I thought the middle of the cookies would be blue.

The family is thrilled to finally have a daughter after so many years of having only sons.

Choosing a name for her would be difficult.

The couple finally chose the name Audrey for her.

Carolyn said she was really happy that the person was finally there again.

She is healthy and the delivery went smoothly.

Look at the video below to find out more about the good things this family has been given!

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