A dozen cops participate in a young boys’ graduation party in honour of their lost friend.


Here we have a young boy who was passionate about police officers. Namely, he was Micah Schieber.

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But now, he is no longer a little kid. Micah is a high school graduate. But his passion for cops arose when it was time for his graduation party. So he decided to invite cops to his celebration.

Other than his passion, something personal made him invite cops to his party – his dad.

He was a former police officer. This made him love the police.

However, things are a bit dull When speaking of his father. Micah was only six years old when his dad passed away. He collapsed during a marathon. The heart complications during the run made him pass away.

The sad reality made Micah’s mother lose his husband, while Micah and his two siblings lost their father.

It wasn’t easy at all for the family. Watching the video will give you a further overhear of the tragedy.

The mother of the family mentions that one of the most stressful things is to watch her children suffer, while she is aware that there is no way to bring back their dad.

The funeral was attended by a vast number of police officers. In fact, this left Micah with great gratitude for the cops.

He told the Inside edition that bringing cops to his graduation party would help him feel like his dad was over there.

Micah worked to invite the cops. But the number of cops that would attend remained a surprise until the end.

With a pleasant surprise, 18 officers showed up in his place. They had their squad cars flashing like in a ceremony.

Lining up in Micah’s driveway, they shook hands one after another.

The boy also arranged a little surprise. He had party bags ready to spread out between the officers.

In addition, he gifted them with a present he created in his welding class.

The celebration remained special for everyone there. Many of the officers that attended the event had worked with Micah’s father and did miss their fellow companions a lot.

It’s not easy to fill the loss of such a loved one. Yet being with people that loved and knew them will help relieve some of the pain.

Micah’s gathering allowed many people to pay tribute to someone they adored and missed.

If you’ve ever lost someone close to life, make every effort to pay tribute to them. In this way, they will be capable of living on over you and the joys you share in this way.

To witness footage of Micah’s grad celebration when the cops arrived to commemorate his late father, see the video below. It’s pretty touching!

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