“Meet the Incredible Dog Walker in New York Who Takes Jaw-Dropping Photos of Over 15 Dogs Every Day!”


Any person who owns a dog knows that taking care of a pet is not as simple as it may appear.

Especially, everyone probably knows the feeling of sadness when they have to go to work and are greeted by especially sad eyes.

Leaving your dog at home all day can be tough, and it’s even harder to make yourself take them out in bad weather in the evening.

Saratoga Dog Walkers has come to the rescue of dog owners who have been dealing with distress. They offer a dog walking service.

Tim Pink, who is both the owner and main employee, posts cute photos from his walks on Instagram almost every day. He can walk up to 15 dogs at one time!

Dogs enjoy walking together in a group every day. This helps them to learn important social skills, get exercise, and have fun.

Animals form groups or packs, which is really important to them. It would be really hard to manage 10-15 big dogs that could fight or act badly.

Tim seems to have it all figured out. He manages them very well. They sit and patiently wait for him to take another picture, go on a walk together, and they behave excellently.

In 2011, a dog walking program started up and has become well-known in the area. It’s not strange to see someone like Tim with 15 dogs on a leash. Not only does he walk them, but he also helps them if they have issues with their behaviour.

In addition to having a degree in finance and marketing, Tim also went to the Animal Behavior College. This dog walking program is based on the natural instinct of dogs to live in a group.

Of course, modern domestic dogs living in a house or apartment cannot follow this.

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