A dog walker in New York captures gorgeous images of his clients Everyday


Tim Pink, a dog walker in Saratoga Springs, herds scores of dogs over long distances each day to provide them with the exercise and training they require.

@saratogadogwalkers is the cutest Instagram account we’ve seen in a while if you’re a dog lover searching for something fresh to swoon over.

Since 2011, Tim Pink, a man from upstate New York, has been taking regular pictures of his furry charges. Not only are they absolutely adorable, but we have a lot of questions!

How on earth does he get all those dogs to sit motionless and gaze into the camera, for instance?

If you think rewards are sufficient to entice this many dogs, consider the effort required to train even one food-motivated dog to remain still AND stare in the proper direction.

It’s obvious that Pink has dog-whispering skills.

The large, panting pack might vary from day to day (and at times exceed 20 people!).

We’re simply in awe of Pink’s (and his helpers’) ability to keep them all in line and well-behaved while they stroll through Saratoga Springs and the neighborhood, including Ballston Spa.

It’s not surprising that the adorable pups’ packs are well-known in the neighborhood.

For those that live in the town, seeing one of their walkers is fairly remarkable because they frequently visit regional sites as well as various residential districts.

In fact, individuals will leave their houses and even get out of their automobiles, claims the local newspaper The Daily Gazette, merely to take pictures—especially of the doggy lineups a la class photos, which seem so improbable to accomplish with such flawlessly.

It appears that their people are excellent at coming up with fresh, unique routes each day to keep things interesting.

Green areas are very popular and a terrific place to breathe some fresh air away from the pollution and commotion of city streets.

We occasionally get a glimpse of one of the two wonderful humans who make all of this happen in one of their Instagram images.

Mr. Pink seems to understand how to blend in seamlessly with the group.

But Pink doesn’t just add additional dogs to the pack and expect it to succeed; this isn’t some sort of instant magic.

Pink takes the time to get to know each dog, their degree of obedience training, and their individual temperaments before allowing them to join. If he is certain a new member is a match, the relationship-building process takes time, and new dogs are introduced gradually.

He admitted to The Daily Gazette that he is familiar with each dog’s name and that he and his helpers frequently call the dogs by name when out on walks in order to encourage them.

No matter what is going on around the pack, including when someone else is walking their dog or when there is traffic, each dog immediately looks up at the person when he is called, the newspaper reported.

The dogs rarely become raucous or distracted thanks to Pink’s gentle control.

People obviously adore the puppy pictures the most, but it doesn’t hurt that a new inspirational quote is added to the captions every day.

You really need this happy story in your life right now!

Additionally, Pink’s assistance is what allows some town residents to continue owning dogs.

Rose Zacek, a local of Saratoga Springs, hired Pink after spotting him instructing a potential new pack member in the park. She was impressed by the dog’s behavior because it was far better for him than for its owner.

Even though she lacks the energy to provide the activity her 6-year-old black lab Lexi needs, the senior dog owner has always had a canine companion and despises the idea of giving him up. She hired Pink to make sure he takes a strenuous daily walk.

Tim saved me from having to put my dog down, Zacek told The Daily Gazette. “I’ll hang onto Lexi for as long as I can.”

We don’t often recognize the important role that dog walkers and other pet care providers play in people’s lives.

For visitors leaving the city, Pink provides boarding in addition to walking (and it sounds like there are some training skills programmed into the service as well).

He excels at it since it is a project that he is passionate about.

That is probably the reason why both people and dogs enjoy seeing him.

Make sure to follow him at @saratogadogwalkers on Instagram.

To witness some video of the expert control these walkers have over their nice boys and girls, scroll down further.

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