A dog ran into the arms of a soldier after not seeing them for a long time.


He said “I love you” to the dog and it made me cry.

Vance McFarland, an army specialist, has been looking forward to this moment since his time in Afghanistan. No soldier is ever sent on a mission alone – Vance had Ikar, a Czech Shepherd, by his side. Ikar was trained to detect explosives tactically.

They went back home and, after a quick picture with his mission partner, Ikar was separated from Vance and sent back to Afghanistan. You can sense the emotion in his voice when he told the story.

Ikar came back and a private company offered him a job, but it didn’t work out. He was sent to a kennel for a month or so, but he stayed there for seventeen months.

Ikar was by himself for a lengthy period.

Mission K9 Rescue and the US War Dogs Association worked hard to help Ikar and other dogs be reunited with their mission partners for some much needed love and care. They had to locate McFarland, who was Ikar’s original handler.

Vance, a soldier, shared how he felt “stalked” on Facebook, receiving messages about Ikar. For him, stalking has a different meaning than it does for most people.

He was very happy when he heard that his old friend was doing well.

I hope he remembers me.

It has been three years, but Ikar still remembers Vance. As Vance rounded the corner, Ikar saw him and ran to his arms. The handsome dog was snuggling and sniffing Vance!

Let’s give each other hugs and cuddles!

Vance’s face, even though he is a trained soldier, showed a lot of happiness. It was clear that he and Ikar had a strong bond. Ikar was allowed to go home with Vance. He will now have a good life with Vance’s wife and the two other dogs. He will be treated with lots of love, like all dogs should be.

The Czech, also known as the Bohemian Shepherd, is an intelligent and social breed of dog that was originally bred to be a guard and working dog. They love being around children and families, so if you get one of these dogs, you’ll need to make sure you give them plenty of exercise and playtime. They’re patient and learn quickly, thanks to their high intelligence.

Vance and Ikar don’t have a problem.

People who watched gave their opinions.

These dogs should never be separated from their trainers. They should come home together. These dogs are amazing! The dog was so joyful and clearly remembered his friend.

The others seem to feel the same way.

I was so moved when the soldier told his friend “I love you” that I couldn’t help but shed a few tears.

If Ikar did a great job during his deployment, then he will do even better as a family pet at home. Czech Shepherds get on well with everyone, including other animals. Plus he has lots of room to roam without worrying about bombs.

Vance says they have a lot of toys at home, but they’re still going to buy some more. Ikar, who is five years old, can have a nice, early retirement.

Be filled with joy at this reunion that has been three years in the making!

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