A dog becomes the mother of an abandoned kitten.


The little kitty didn’t have anywhere to go, so the kitty asked a dog to keep her.

Many creatures have parental instincts that are hardwired into them. Even if the animals don’t have offspring, they probably know how to handle a vulnerable, helpless baby.

That’s exactly what occurred when she was approached by a dog and an abandoned kitten.

Lucie and Toast, her faithful dog, were out on a jog that day when they came across a tiny kitten outside their front door. Although the cat seemed frail, she was unusually calm.

When the cat saw Lucie and Toast walking down the road, she instantly began meowing and rushed over to Toast. Lucie then told Toast to be careful with the tiny cat as she approached the canine.

They abandoned the kitty on the side of the road, thinking her mother was still nearby.

Lucie didn’t want to take the baby cat away from her mother, so Lucie and Toast left the place and returned home, and they thought the cat’s mother would return to rescue her baby.

But they never knew that the tiny kitten had followed them back to the house.

As Lucie accepted the kitten into her house, the kitten immediately went to Toast, her dog. The cat went behind Toast, even up the long stairwell.

Toast managed to become the mother of the kitten. Lucie woke up early the next day to serve Toast his breakfast. Toast stood there watching as the starving cat hopped on Toast’s bowl to devour.

Toast eventually joined the tiny cat, and we see them enjoying the meal and charmingly nibbling together afterward.

Following that, Lucie simply observed how the two interacted with one another, which she found to be rather endearing. Toast had no objections to the cat’s choice of Toast as her new mother.

Although they are quite distinct, their connection was incredible.

Between Toast’s legs and tummy were the kitten’s preferred napping spot.

Lucie also noticed the kitten nursing on Toast. Even though the kitty was not Toast’s offspring, she would adore it as if it were. Toast groomed the kitten with her large tongue and even assisted her in getting onto high spots and stuff.

The toast was simply an overprotective mother who ensured her child was secure at all times, especially whether ascending or descending the staircase safely.

Toast would drag the kitten back in with her tongue if she got too close to the swimming pool.

Toast has transformed into a delightfully worried mom to the kitty.

Lucie told The Dodo, “I’ve generally believed that creatures are incredibly instinctual. Toast, in particular, is so genuine that all she does is play along according to her feelings. She has a lot of gut intuition. She has the characteristics of a human person in parenting.”

Toast and the baby kitty are adorable, and it’s fun to see them interact. That’s very cute.

Watch the below video to see Toast interact with the kitten.

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