A determined Dad decides to care for the child alone because Mother doesn’t want to raise the child with Down syndrome.


From the time of the birth, the father knew it wouldn’t be a comfortable future. Yet, with no second thought, he made himself raise his child.

Everything seemed to be regular until the doctor said the new syndrome would be down. Uncertainty and anxiety had taken the place of his excitement.

He did get lost in a world of thoughts with the hasty shocking news.

Immediately after hearing of the diagnosis, the 33- year-old dad left the hospital with tears in his eyes. Though, it was just a short reaction. Genuinely embarrassed by his first response, he soon returned to his son.

The father said that, after all, nothing hadn’t really improved in his life. He only had two legs and two arms. His professional background had been useless.

He also added some thoughtful words; Everything he had, including his passion, energy, interest, etc., was with him. His son was delivered as expected. Everything went according to plan. Yet the infant is unique, and his presence and destiny are already significant.

The determined father had no idea what to give to any extent.

Evgeny saw he was becoming self-centered and that, despite the difficulties, he should be able to care for the child.

When he came home that evening, he switched on his pc and started looking up information about Down syndrome.

At first, he was unaware of his son’s illness. Soon he discovered that individuals with Down syndrome can live and work independently in Europe and are well-integrated into society. But that didn’t change the choice he had already made.

Although he had never anticipated leaving his son. Though it appears that his wife did.

She desired to place their son in a foster home.

The husband and wife had an excellent and trustworthy relationship until the incident. Following her approach, Evgeny assured his wife that they would manage to go through it together. Regrettably, she wasn’t convinced, and their argument led to their eventual breakup.

The red line had already been crossed, and it was too late to return from the situation. Evgeny recalled getting apart – “Now I see that she’d been afraid at the moment, she began to behave as per the incorrect circumstance, by which time, the red line had been crossed.”

From then on, Mishka was looked after by Evgeny.

Evgeny cooks food, helps Misha clean himself, and tucks Misha every night. According to Evgeny, there are no heavily tiring tasks, but doing them daily is challenging. However, as Evgeny’s mom is there to help him, he can get some rest and some isolated time.

Evgeny conducts diverse activities to aid Misha in developing his physical and mental skills. Misha has been attending weekly swimming sessions since he was only five months old. He also has critical speech treatment.

Many kind-hearted people raise funds to help Evgeny continue Misha’s treatments, which are pretty heavy on the wallet. Hence, Evgeny is thankful to every one of them.

“I know that the future doesn’t seem very promising, and I think we’ll have to give more challenges, but we’ll always have faith and hope that things will get better,” says Evgeny.

Evgeny’s prime goal is to conduct awareness programs about Down syndrome to educate the community about it. And he also hopes to help families who go through difficulties caring for a kid with such a condition.

The determined father said that he wants all the articles about them published to spread out the message about down syndrome. Also, he dedicates them to inspiring people in the same situation as him.

He added, “I make an effort to speak with those close by. I communicate with people living far away. Have no worry! I hope people who are experiencing hardships today, as it was for ourselves, know about all of us. It’s all going to be okay!

If Evgeny is competing for the best father in the world title, I’m pretty sure he’ll end up at the top, winning it. Follow Evgeny on Instagram for more about them and their life.

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