A dedicated young man who walked 20 miles to get a new job receives a surprise gift from the CEO.

Source : Youtube Screenshot – Bellhops

The night before the first shit of Walter’s new job, his car broke down. But it wasn’t enough to make the courageous man defeated.

It has been a kind of practice for most youngsters to be dedicated and busy at their new jobs. Anyway, it wouldn’t be easy to match the main character of our story, Walter. He was from Alabama and had a new job at Bellhops, a moving company. Things didn’t go his way the night before his first shift at work.

Walter had his car broken the night before the first day of his job.

It was 20 miles away from the premises of his new job. Walter would have provided an easy excuse telling that his car broke down. But the determination in the young man didn’t let it happen in such a manner.

It’s a rare habit found nowadays.

He had the persistence in his mind to anyhow get to his work.

The car broke at Homewood, and as mentioned before, it was 20 miles to Pelham, where he had his new job. The only way he could afford was to walk on foot. It sounds a bit crazy, but Walter didn’t think so. After a four-hour nap, he was ready for his journey. It was midnight, and the time to march arrived.

Walter started his journey with lots of hope and had no idea to look back.

With Nike joggers on, he started to move forward, realizing how hard it would be to reach the end.

As it says, every dark cloud has a silver lining; things got in his way—a police officer who saw him walking enquired why he was on foot. For the police officer, it was more than enough to support Walter.

Finally, he reached his destination with the help of the Cop.

Hearing the story, the officer bought him breakfast and offered a ride to Pelham. Along with the police officer, Walter went to a place known as the movers, owned by the Lamey family. It was so early where Walter was the only mover there. 

The Police officer managed to tell them the story of the courageous kid.

The first impression of Walter at the job was quite excellent. Like all of us reading the story, Jenny Hayden Lamey was amazed by the boy’s dedication to his work. 

Around 6:30 am, the doorbell rang. It was a police officer. He proceeded to tell us that he had picked up this friendly kid in Pelham early this morning. The nice kid. Walter said he was supposed to help us with our move today; these are Lamey’s words.

She asked Walter to come in and relax upstairs. Walter refused the offer showing that it was all done to complete his work.

Time was up, and every mover started showing up.

The work there was what Walter would have expected; it’s all about hard work, and Jenny was thrilled to have Walter at work. A 20-mile walk for work is not something we could expect from everyone. It was not only Jenny’s family who admired the boy’s courage.

Walter got the chance to meet up with Luke Marklin, the CEO of Bellhops.

The act was highly admired and showed off the character Walter. The CEO further mentioned that such an act of walking 20 miles for work must be appreciated. And surprisingly, Walter was questioned about his car and asked what would be a better solution.

The CEO managed to give his 2014 Ford Escape to Walter.

 It was unbelievable. Marklin, the CEO, told Walter to drive his car away the day itself and, it’s what Walter gets on his dedication.

Walter could not believe what was happening.

Nothing but Walter’s determination and hard work has paid off at their best. No longer will he be late to work. Finally, the act transformed into a life changer, witnessing that hard work does pay off.

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