A daughter sneaks Coke and Rum to her dying father.


The loving daughter and her mother were determined to fulfil his last desire by any means.

Would you fulfil your father’s last request if you were informed that he is spending the final hours of his life?

Penelope’s father’s time on earth is soon to expire since he has been suffering from the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) for a long time. Their time together will be limited while her father is still alive.

Penelope and her mother agreed to grant her father’s final request to drink Bundaberg rum & cola one more for this reason.

She sneaked his favourite beverage into the hospital during the most recent visit.

Penelope said in her video that she arrived ready for the send-off.

Penelope carried an injection syringe to make it simpler to feed the beverage to him.

Her father enjoyed it when she gave him a little sip of the beverage. Upon tasting his favourite drink, he was enthusiastically nodding.

Penelope recorded the whole 15 minutes of this conversation, but she only shared a 27-second portion on her TikTok profile.

“Dad and I had one more drink before his soul left the world. Till we run across each other again, older man. I love you.
Penelope posted on TikTok with the hashtags “#grief#griefjourney#loss#goodbye.”

Penelope’s father has obtained palliative care since he is towards the end of his life, which helps make a dying person’s final hours as comfortable as possible. Her father also received medical attention from trained specialists around-the-clock in a hospital.

The process is highly beneficial and vital for a dying person without anyone in his life to see him.

Aside from meeting his medical needs, the hospital can provide him with the psychological and emotional assistance he requires. Some of them will be distressed and extremely nervous or sad. Additionally, some of them would not want to pass away lonely.

The nurses and carers providing palliative care will make the mood soothing for them. Additionally, they’ll be there to speak to or share tales with them (even though they cannot respond).

And before passing away, every person dying will have one last desire or request.

As long as it’s permissible and legal, the carers or nurse would often try their best to grant the request.

It’s crucial to grant a dying person’s desire, notably for such a patient.

“When a patient expresses a wish for their final moments, it frequently signals that they are aware of their imminent death and ready to have an honest talk. According to Dr Brian Nyatanga, Senior Lecturer and Academic Lead for the Center for Palliative Care at the University of Worcester, When fulfilled, dying wishes help to calm the dying person. Thus, it benefits how individuals feel and think regarding their lives and how they pass.

See how Penelope and her mother accomplished her father’s final desire in the video below.

@penface One last drink with dad before his spirit returned to the universe. Until we cross paths again old man. I love you. #grief #griefjourney #loss #goodbye ♬ original sound – penface

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