A cute example for the quote, ‘When twins get separated, their spirits fly away to look for the other.’


The birth of a baby brings happiness, and the birth of twins doubles happiness.

Yes, twins are miracles that come in pairs. From mother’s womb, birth, and through the journey of life, they continue their incredible bond.

“Children from the same family are like individual members of the same team.

They will grow together gaining life experiences and will build an unbreakable bond”, said The Twin Magazine.

“This beautiful relationship of siblings brings life-enhancing possibilities which are not often experienced by single born children. And when it comes to twins, the bond is much stronger. The companionship they have when they grow up will lead to a life-long camaraderie, which will help each other to get through hard times in life”.

The bond between twins begins during the time they are inside the mother’s womb.

“Twins start interacting as early as the 14th week after starting the process of developing inside the womb”, the Scientific American.

The scientific American further states, “over the weeks in the womb, the twin babies reduce the number of movements towards themselves and start to moving more towards their equivalent other.” By the 18th week in the mother’s womb, twins spend more time contacting their counterpart than themselves and walls of the uterus. More than 30 percent of their movements were towards their companions. And the most exciting fact is that the movements towards their counterparts were more accurate and lasted longer than self-directed actions”. So basically, they are already good friends, who know each other very well, even before coming out of their mother’s womb.

This could be the case between Baby A and Baby B.Yes, that’s not their present names but that’s what Mike Lashy called his newborn twins shortly after they were born.

He captured the cute interaction between his twins and uploaded it on youtube.
The video Mike uploaded shows how the cute babies are checking on each other to make sure that their counterpart is comfortable in the new world they are in.

The video further shows the babies in the same baby hospital bed looking at each other and having their little mouths, like trying to talk to each other.

Whether they are actually communicating with each other is unknown. But anyway it’s heartbreakingly cute and this video is melting hearts online.

Do twins have their own language? There are arguments in the scientific community on this topic.

According to Wikipedia, it’s called cryptophasia. A language made up of twins that can understand. It also includes an identical way of speaking or behaving and mirrored walking.

The video of baby A and baby B, that Mike posted ended up going viral overflowing with comments about others who’ve witnessed beautiful twin bonds.

“My cuties were placed in the same bed after birth and stayed 20 minutes straight that way looking at each other. They shared a crib for the first few months until we decided to separate them”, one man commented on Facebook.

“We placed their cribs in an L shape and some nights we see them holding hands from the corners of the respective cribs while I cuddle them. it melts my heart every time. They are 13 months old and still have the L shape with their cribs and reach to touch each other every night before bed.

Check out the beautiful bond of the adorable from the video below and don’t forget to share with your family and friends.

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