A couple that has been happily married for nearly 80 years turns 100 together.


Hubert and June are discussing how they have been able to maintain a joyful, loving marriage throughout the years as they get ready to celebrate their 100th birthdays.

When young June and Hubert were married in 1943, they had no notion that they would remain partners for at least another 80 years.

When June and Hubert first met at church when they were each 19 years old, they made the decision to live together. They simply knew they were meant to be together.

As a result, they moved to Hamilton, Ohio, after Hubert’s return from the war, where they eventually had three children. They currently have 11 great-grandchildren and seven grandchildren.

Hubert and June Malicote, who will celebrate 100 this month, describe their basic but fortunate lives.

“We don’t get out very often. We enjoyed telling anecdotes about our days at the table when the kids were younger, Hubert said to Today Parents. “We’ve lived a great life,”

Even weekly night dates were not planned. Simply put, they relished one other’s presence. They claim to have learned by experiencing everything from WWII to the Great Depression and Covid that what makes one happy in life is being appreciative for what they have and being surrounded by those they love.

And the answer is negative if you’re wondering if they’ve ever gotten into a fight. Jo, one of their daughters, vouches for the statement.

They clarify that while they have had disagreements in the past, they have always been able to work them out. They would much rather take a short rest than argue.

Although we had difficulties along the way, Hubert declared that they never led to hurting one another. If there’s a dispute, you might need to take a short break, he noted. Then both of them return and either resolve the issue or change the subject.

Given that they have been in a happy marriage for close to 80 years, it would appear that this strategy is effective.

June has had many strokes over the past five years, making it difficult for her to communicate. She continues to express her affection for her spouse, nevertheless, whenever she has the chance.

Every night they have supper together, watch an old western, and then kiss before going to bed, according to their daughter.

Jo said to TODAY, “I wheel Mom in next to where Dad is seated and they grasp hands and say goodnight to one other. “They are glad to see each other first thing in the morning. They exchange greetings and smile widely.

It’s incredible that some relationships last this long. In fact, they find it impossible to envisage their life without their companion.

Hubert said, “I guess the team is kind of broken if we’re not together.

Later in July, the pair intends to throw a joint party to commemorate their significant anniversaries. A religious service in the backyard will be part of the festivities.

We will simply worship God and express our gratitude to him for all the benefits he has placed upon our family over the past 100 years, Jo added.

In the news report from WLWT below, June and Hubert recount their love story.

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