A couple on Bargain Hunt makes a huge profit with a hidden gem vintage watch.


BBC’s Bargain Hunt was back in Somerset for a new episode, and one couple made a huge profit from their items.

On Thursday, a married couple on the BBC show Bargain Hunt made a huge profit when the show went to the Bath Racecourse in Somerset.

Eric Knowles, the show’s host, introduced the couples to the audience. Nathalie and Karl were on the red team, and Adam and Jemma were on the blue team.

Presenter Eric Knowles introduced the show’s couples to viewers ( Image: BBC)

Nathalie and Karl had to find a fashion accessory, while Adam and Jemma had to find something that had to do with China.

As the teams started looking for goods in the market, antiques expert Raj Bisram said of the red team, “This is probably one of the easiest teams I’ve ever had.” Two things after twenty minutes. What else can I say? It’s a walk in the park.”

Somerset Live says that Nathalie and Karl won the Big Buy Challenge and the Presenter’s Challenge to buy a fashion accessory. They also bought a £15 Swedish vase.

The couple were shocked when they were able to double their money ( Image: BBC)

They spent a crazy £130 on a vintage Omega watch for men that was made in the 1970s.

The couple finished up by buying a Clarice Cliff mustard pot without a lid for £20.

The show then moved to the auction stage in Chippenham, where Nathalie and Karl’s items were set up in front of a crowd of eager buyers.

Even though the beautiful glassware had a mark on it, the couple got £30 for their Swedish vase, which was double what they paid for it.

Tim couldn’t hold back his excitement when he saw the Omega watch and said it was “the height of fashion.”

The couple was shocked to find out that they could double their money again when Tim sold the old accessory he bought for £130 for £260.

By the end of the show, £165 had been made, which was a huge amount.

By the end of the show, the couple had made a huge profit of £165. (Image: BBC)

Nathalie and Karl finally made a profit of £4 on the Clarice Cliff. This brought their total profit to a huge £149.

After Nathalie and Karl sold their items at auction, Raj surprised them with their Bonus Buy item, a set of bowls that made them another £16. By the end of the show, they had made a huge profit of £165.

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