A couple decides to adopt 5 siblings so that they could live together forever.


Being foster parents for 5 children isn’t an easy task to all extents. But a loving couple decided to adopt 5 brothers and sisters so that they will never have to split up.

The loving couple, Julie and Will Rom had been dreaming for a long time to be parents.

Unfortunately, they had no luck to conceive. Yet with a positive attitude, they decided to become foster parents.

They said to the ABC news; They are not meant to be parents right now. But they could be the bridge for some kids until their parents get themselves together and eventually make themselves through reunifications.

For about a decade long the Roms took children into their care. Julie Rom said that if they are to have their own biological children, they weren’t in an idea to deracinate the foster kids.

Also if they get the opportunity to adopt them, the couple would be more than happy with that. They think it’s extremely important for the kids to stay together since they have lost a lot in their lives.

Yet the Roms won’t even have dreamt that the opportunity would include five children.

In 2014 the Roms had the siblings Will and Truth under their care. It was not the first time they had been foster parents. Yet Will and Truth were with them until their sister Mariana followed in 2015.

In 2016 KJ and Keyora joined the Roms family. With time the Roms family had been fostering all five siblings.

When 2017 arrived, Julie and Will Roms decided to take out the word “foster” from “foster parents”

. The half-siblings of the same mother ( Will-12-years, Truth-9-years, Mariana-6-years, Keyora-3-years, and KJ-2-years) were finally adopted by the Rom family.

“To me, they have been my own kids. I don’t feel any contrast from what I felt last week. They have been looking for this. It is more relieved than anything”, sail Julie after adoption.

Judge Ralph Winkler at the Hamilton county Probate court made the adoption official.

The former teacher of the kids, Ann Boyle was overjoyed that the kids were finally under the care of a loving family.

“Julie and Will had so great love in their souls at the moment they accepted them,” Boyle said.

The teacher further stated that “There was a 180. [The kids] were smiling, they were talkative. I understood it was the correct path for them. Julie got them into the church, she got them active in sports. There was no sorrow in their stares anymore. She regaled them as their natural kids and I saw that from day one.”

They also had to drive through some renovations to make the five siblings fit in the house. The three-bedroom ranch was elevated to a five-bedroom two-story house. The couple was delighted to do it.

The lovely couple never agreed to make the siblings split up. Unfortunately, that’s not always the way things happen to siblings in the foster care system.

“The kids would miss each other if we divide them, and most of the time they do get detached, which is part of the despair for the children. But these kids get to remain together permanently now,” Winkler told LOCAL 12.

Are you curious about how the family is doing now? Watch the video below to know more about this happy and united family!

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