Sahar Tabar: A Controversial Transformation 


Sahar Tabar, a young woman from Iran, became famous for her dramatic transformation. She underwent numerous plastic surgeries in an attempt to resemble Angelina Jolie, the famous Hollywood actress. However, her altered appearance and unconventional choices sparked a lot of controversy and debate.

At the age of 19, Tabar reportedly had more than 50 surgeries to enhance her looks. Although she never explicitly stated that she wanted to look like Jolie, her fans made the connection. Tabar used social media to show off her drastically changed features, such as sunken cheekbones, fuller lips, and a noticeably different nose.

There are doubts about the authenticity of these surgeries, with some suggesting that the images may have been heavily edited or digitally altered.

Tabar gained a lot of attention on social media, especially on her Instagram account with almost four million followers under the username @sahartabarofficial. However, her controversial content led to her account being taken down, much to the relief of her disapproving mother.

In an interview with the Russian website Sputnik, Tabar explained that her goal was never to completely resemble Jolie. She saw her appearance as a form of self-expression and art. She made it clear that her fans knew that her exaggerated looks didn’t reflect her true self.

Tabar faced serious consequences for her actions. In October 2019, she was arrested for allegedly posting blasphemous photos on Instagram. She was also accused of illegal property purchases, inciting violence, negatively influencing young people, earning money unethically, and violating the strict dress code for women in the country. As a result, she received a ten-year prison sentence and was sent to Qarchak, one of the toughest women’s prisons in Iran.

During her time in prison, Iranian ac.

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