A cat that was devoted walked 12 miles to be reunited with the family that had abandoned him.


He just wanted to be with his family, but they wanted to put him down.

Dogs are often thought of as really loyal pets, but cats can be just as loyal to the people they love.

Toby, a cat, shows that this is true.

Toby still wanted his family, even though they no longer wanted him.

Toby’s family gave him away, but they were able to find him a new place to live.

Toby arrived at this family’s home as a stray, but he wasn’t getting along with the cats they already had.

They gave Toby to a new family.

Toby wasn’t prepared to move to a new home with a new family.

He walked 12 miles to get back to his previous home.

Toby’s family were not moved by his act of love, and asked the shelter to put him down.

Tara Lynn, the Communications Director for the SPCA of Wake County, said that they brought him to a shelter and asked them to put him to sleep.

It was so sad to know that he finally returned home to his family, only to be met with such a reaction.

The public shelter felt compassion for Toby’s story and chose not to euthanize him.

The SPCA was contacted instead, who quickly came to save Toby, and checked his medical condition to ensure he could find a permanent home.

Lynn said that the test showed the cat had feline immunodeficiency virus and also had a cold.

We got him treatment for the infection, which took some time.

He was very friendly and loving with the SPCA staff, but it took some time for him to get used to the other animals.

At first, the seven-year-old kitty that had FIV wasn’t very happy about living in the same room as other cats, but the SPCA said he soon became a favorite among the volunteers.

After Toby was healthy again, his photo was shared on social media so he could find a home to stay in forever.

The phone was ringing constantly with people wanting to adopt Toby.

Michele Puckett from Raleigh, North Carolina quickly went to the shelter to meet Toby and find out if they would be a good match.

They got along well right away!

Lynn said that Puckett had no doubt or uncertainty; she was working at a job site but stopped everything to come to them.

Toby now has two people as part of his family and two cats as his siblings.

Puckett told The Dodo that their pet is very sweet, cuddly, and loving. They said that the pet has taken over their bed like it’s always been there. They also said the pet loves to relax and lay under their pillows.

It’s wonderful to know that Toby finally has a home where he is loved, accepted, and cared for.

Puckett said it was difficult to comprehend why someone would abandon him to be killed. They were astounded, but also thankful that he was rescued.

She hopes Toby’s story can show people how important it is to give other pets a second chance at life, just like Toby.

Puckett said that a lot of pets are abandoned by their owners or breeders. He hopes his story will encourage other people to adopt one.

Toby’s new mom got what she wanted because Toby’s story became very popular and was shared by a lot of media sources.

We’ve been dealing with a lot of calls from different newspapers, websites, and TV stations from all over the country about Toby the cat. We first told Toby’s story back in March on Facebook to advertise for the 2018 Dog Walk and Woofstock event that happened on May 6th, the SPCA said on April 19.

His post got a lot of attention, but it wasn’t until he was adopted that his story really started to spread on social media. Now it has been seen in countries like New Zealand, Italy, Canada, South America, and everywhere else in the world.

We are delighted that Toby has found a great place to live, and that so many people around the world are supporting him!

Take a look at the video below to see Toby at the shelter before he was adopted.

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