A camera recorded an astonishing scene when a service dog exceeded expectations.


“Although he was aware that he was not permitted to jump on the counter, he was determined to do so anyway…”

Katie Graham has been accompanied by her service dog, Bailey, for about four years, and without him, her life would be drastically different.

Graham told to us that he suffers from various medical issues, one being POTS. He explained that Bailey could sense when his heart rate was increasing, which allowed him to sit down and avoid passing out. Bailey helps Graham by performing deep pressure therapy, which helps him stay alert. Furthermore, Bailey can fetch items such as medication, water, phone, blanket, snacks, and more — seemingly knowing what Graham needs before he even asks.

Whenever Bailey’s mom needs assistance, he is always eager to be at her side. He will do whatever he has been taught according to the situation and even try to help out in any way he can, even if he has not been trained.

While Graham was doing the dishes recently, Bailey’s heart rate increased, and she seemed to be in danger of fainting. In response, Graham urged her to sit down and grabbed her phone in case she needed assistance. He then attempted to get her medication from the counter, but it was too far back and out of reach.

Unexpectedly and amazingly, Bailey jumped onto the counter.

Graham was taken aback when Bailey hopped on the counter, but he knew deep down that Bailey was willing to do anything to make sure he was alright. “He’s very persistent and doesn’t give up,” he said. “Jumping up on the counter isn’t something I allow him to do in order to keep him from scavenging the kitchen. But, what he did was a prime example of ‘intelligent disobedience’ – where he knows it’s against the rules but does it anyway to protect me.”

Despite not being allowed to jump on the counter, Bailey leapt up to grab his mom’s medicine. He quickly brought it to her and retrieved a bottle of water from the fridge for her to take.

Graham set up a camera to capture Bailey’s incredible moment with his mom, which he later shared on TikTok. Viewers have been awe-struck by Bailey’s immense love and admiration for his mom.

Graham marvelled at Bailey’s ability to detect his episodes and the dog’s dedication to making him feel better.

No matter what, Bailey is always there for his mom and will continue to do everything he can to ensure she has a fulfilling life.

Graham shared that posting her medical journey has brought comfort to others who feel alone in their struggles. She expressed her gratitude towards her “rock”, Bailey, who is always there for her during her toughest moments.

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