A camera captured a loving eagle doing everything he could to make his wife happy.


In Big Bear Valley, California, an eagle named Jackie flew high in the sky and returned home to her nest. Her mate, Shadow, was right behind her. Jackie and Shadow had had chicks before, and were probably getting ready for more eggs.

Shadow had just caught some lunch and was about to eat it when Jackie demanded it for herself. They argued for a while, but Jackie ended up with the snack. She thought to herself “I should get the best treats since I’m the one laying the eggs here”.

Sandy Steers, the executive director of Friends of Big Bear Valley, said that Jackie always gets what she wants.

Steers has become very familiar with this eagle couple over time, due to watching them every day through the Friends of Big Bear Valley’s eagle camera. This camera has given nature enthusiasts an exclusive view into the lives of the majestic birds living high up in the sky. Steers often posts updates about Jackie and Shadow, the eagle couple, on Facebook, sharing information about their daily connection which often mirrors our own.

Steers said Shadow and Jackie are a great couple. He is very kind to Jackie and lets her take the lead.

Jackie had another eagle as a mate, but when Shadow came along, Steers noticed that Jackie was falling for him. Jackie’s former mate left the nest, giving way for Shadow and Jackie to start their life together. It was unusual since eagles normally stay with their mate forever, but the bond between Shadow and Jackie was so strong that Jackie chose to find a new partner.

Steers said that although it was strange, Jackie seemed to have much more respect for Shadow than for her former partner.

Jackie and Shadow have been showing off their humorous sides since they started working together. People know that Shadow is dependable and helpful, while Jackie is a take-charge person who is also very caring.

Steers is thankful for the eagle camera which has given people the chance to observe wildlife in a way they usually wouldn’t. As people watch Jackie and Shadow create their nest and get ready for parenting, their empathy for the environment grows.

Jackie and Shadow show how much emotion and personality animals have, which people often think is just instinct. After watching them for a while, it’s clear there’s more happening than just chemicals in their bodies.

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