A brave pizza delivery man enters a burning house to save five trapped children.


Nick risked everything to save these youngsters, suffering serious smoke inhalation and injuries to his arm from smashing the glass.

Nicholas “Nick” Bostic, a pizza delivery driver from Indiana, is 25 years old. At 2:30 in the morning, he was out driving. when he noticed a tiny fire originating from a two-story building.

Nick tried to wave down another passing motorist but was unsuccessful so he stopped and reversed to get a closer look.

Bostic entered the home by himself. The lights were on, and it appeared like everyone had left the building.

When Nick noticed four people coming down, he called once more before going up the steps.

For a date night, David and Tiera Barrett departed thirty minutes earlier. When the building caught fire, their 18-year-old daughter woke up her siblings.

After turning, Nick led the children out the rear door.

They informed him that their 6-year-old sister was still inside at that point.

Nick hurried to the second level, searching each potential hiding place for children as he went from room to room.

He remembered, “Anywhere I could think.” I really was making a hasty retreat. Because of the worsening haze, it became increasingly difficult to see. I’m not sure how bad, but it felt like I accepted that I would definitely pass away that evening, right there. But there was an odd calm. Simply get to work as quickly as you can.

Then, he overheard crying coming from the first floor.

Nick closed his eyes since the smoke was making it difficult for him to see and pulled his shirt up over his mouth.

Once he located her, Nick leaned her up against his shoulder. The front or back door was where he wanted to go, but he was blind until he peered upstairs and noticed some light.

He located a bedroom on the second story and repeatedly struck the glass until it broke.

Nick had no choice but to climb the height they were at.

Nick leaped and came to rest on his right side. He hurt his arm, ankle, and behind. The young girl “was amazingly mostly unhurt” since he took the impact for her.

Nick is shown in a police video delivering the girl to an officer at 12:36 in the morning. He requested oxygen and inquired about the girl’s health.

His arm was Put in medicine by the police, who then drove him to Franciscan Health Hospital in Lafayette. Then Nick was moved to Eskenazi in Indianapolis.

Nick inhaled a lot of smoke, and when he hit the glass, cuts appeared on his arm.

The residence was evacuated with no one hurt. The family dog, Buffy, was saved by EMTs.

Nick and the rest of the neighborhood were thanked by David and Tiera for saving their children.Even David says dinner plans will be finalized soon and that Nick is now a member of the family.

The fire was sparked by ashes that were emptied into a pail on the porch, according to the fire department.

On August 2, Nick will be recognized at a Lafayette Aviators game. Tickets using the promo code FUND2022 are donated to Nick’s medical bills through a GoFundMe account.

Richard Stair, his cousin, launched a second GoFundMe page in addition to the Facebook appeal for.

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