A brave little girl walks in heavy snow to get treatments for her sick pup.


Once on a snowy day, a veterinarian named Ogun Ozturk from Turkey visited a small village to treat a client’s cow.
At times of his visit, he had planned to stay only for a short time.

But, the ordinary visit of Ogun became an unforgettable incident in his life. Keep reading the story will give you hope in humanity.


The veterinarian finished his job at the clients. Then he got ready to return. Before he did, a strange scene captured his attention.

It was a little girl. She was trudging towards him, on a footpath with a thick layer of snow. Though, she wasn’t alone. She had a pup on her back.


Within a few hours of the veteran’s visit, the news about his visit had spread around the town. With no delay, little 8-year-old Cemre Su Turkoz got on her way to visit the veteran.

The pup Cemre carried was Pamuk and had fallen sick suddenly. Cemre was eager to get treatments for her little friend. Without any hesitation, with Pamuk on her back, she walked more than a mile from her home to meet the veteran.

She had no verification of Ogun’s location, but her desperate need to treat her friend made her do anything to cure him.


“She’d wrapped her dog up and brought him to me on her back”, said Ogun to The Dodo, Ogun was surprised to see her and was touched by the little girl’s bravery.

By any means, Ogun had no chance to resist the request to treat Pamuk. While Cemre was looking concerned, Ogun started checking Pamuk for his symptoms.

The pup didn’t have any serious conditions. It was just a minor skin issue that made the pup feel discomfiting. Also, the condition could be treated very easily.

Cemre was delighted to hear that Pamuk will be fine soon. Ogun told Cemrethat he applied external parasite medications over Pamuk. Well, Pamuk will be normal again, enjoying himself, healthy, and happy.


Yes, the little heroine and her friend got help. Also, they made a new companion.

In a few more instances Ogun visited Cemre and Pamuk. He made sure that no more hard times for the pair to get help from him. In consideration of the little Cemre’s sacrifice, Ogin’s visits are something simple, said Ogun.

Also, he stated that he was very happy to witness such a loving heart from an 8-year-old.

Ogun himself refused payment for serving Cemre. The love and devotion of Cemre towards Parmuk were more than enough for him to be satisfied.

Ogun was delighted at the fact that a person at such a young age displayed such behavior, which gives hope to humanity.


With everything that’s happening around the globe, there’s still hope. Cemre is a great example for all of us that the only reality in the world is love.

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