A biker saw a man hitting a dog on the highway, so he stepped in to save the dog and made him his new companion while riding.


He realized he needed to intervene when he saw what was happening.

On Valentine’s Day, Brandon Turnbow, a biker, showed how much love he had in his heart when he stopped what he was doing to save a small dog that was being hurt.

Turnbow was on his motorbike going down Highway 171 in Texas. He was meeting his dad for a day of motorbike riding.

Turnbow was driving down the highway when he spotted a mean person hitting a small Jack Russell.

Turnbow was surprised and angry, so he was about to tell the guy off. However, before he had a chance, the man tossed the dog onto the pavement and drove away.

Turnbow realized he couldn’t abandon the frightened, injured little dog.

Turnbow walked up to the shivering dog.

Turnbow was scared that the dog might run into the road, but thankfully he stayed put.

I took a risk and leaned over him to see if he would bite or trust me, Turnbow wrote on Facebook. He then lay down and shook, so I stood up with him in my arms and sat him on the bike seat. I was wondering what to do next.

Turnbow knew he had to act quickly, but he didn’t want to frighten the dog further. Therefore, he turned on the motorcycle before he set off again, to help the pup get used to the noise. Once the dog seemed relaxed, Turnbow put the Jack Russell in his bag.

He fell in love right away when he saw the dog’s big eyes gazing at him.

Brandon said on Facebook that he saw someone throw a dog by the side of the road and drive away. He decided to follow the person and give them an angry gesture. Now, he has a new friend – his name is David.

Turnbow named the dog after his Harley-Davidson motorcycle and brought him home on that day. Fortunately, the pup really liked going for rides on Turnbow’s bike!

I often glance back to check if the dog was comfortable riding, and he seemed to really enjoy it. We had a 45-mile ride back to my place, and Mr. Davidson absolutely loved it! He even seemed slightly annoyed when I blocked his wind.

The ten-year-old dog adjusted quickly to living at Turnbow’s house and became very fond of his new dad.

Turnbow had a great fondness for Mr. Davidson, just like the dog did for him. He even composed a nice melody about the pup.

Mr. Davidson is still very happy two years after being rescued, with Turnbow.

The two of them enjoy spending time together by the fire after a long day of work!

Turnbow was lucky to be in the right spot when it mattered, so he could rescue this pup who had nobody else. We’re so glad they both got to meet!

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