A baby was born with a permanent smile due to a rare condition!


The little one is a cutie and we hope everything goes well with the operation she will have soon ?

Little Ayla Summer Mucha isn’t like other babies because she… doesn’t stop smiling! The baby girl was born in December 2021 with a rare condition (bilateral macrostomia) that makes her look like she has a permanent smile on her face.

The little girl’s condition is so rare that it has only been seen in 14 people worldwide, while Ayla has gained the interest and sympathy of millions of people online.

Her parents, 21-year-old Cristina Vercher and 20-year-old Blaize Mucha, are already talking to doctors about a surgery that will help their daughter not face practical difficulties in the future.

“All I was wondering was if I did something wrong, even though I was very meticulous and careful during my pregnancy,” the mother said. “However, the doctors reassure us that it is not our fault, it was not in our hands.”

Ayla’s mother and father are determined to do whatever it takes and follow the doctors’ instructions to the letter in order to cure their little one’s condition, who already struggles with breastfeeding.

“We have not yet received the exact specifications of the surgery, but we know it is a procedure that will not leave any scars on our daughter. At the same time, we know that it will be difficult until our baby recovers from the surgery,” said Cristina.

Nevertheless, the messages of support they have received from the world have encouraged them. “I’m glad I uploaded the video of our little one online. The positive comments we receive give us strength to continue,” added the parents of little Ayla.

Source: mirror.co.uk

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