A baby surprises her mother with facial expressions when she hears a sound for the first time.


The clip of Baby Charly’s heartwarming response to her mother’s words after receiving hearing aids has received more than 105 million views.

Despite being totally deaf from birth, baby Charly’s response to hearing her mother’s voice for the first time has touched people’s hearts all around the globe.

In a recent YouTube video, Christy Keane revealed her daughter heard her voice for the first time following the fitting of new hearing aids.

Christy begins the clip by repeatedly wishing for her daughter.

She intones “Hello” to the infant daughter.

Charly immediately cracks a cute little giggle. However, as Christy repeats the greeting, her daughter unexpectedly experiences a burst of emotion. It is clear with her facial expressions.

Christy remarked that it was the first time she had noticed her little girl making such a face.

It is a new beginning for the infant. The hearing has given Charly quite a new variety of expressions on her face.

The situation explodes emotionally quite soon.

Christy continues to enquire in a baby voice: Are you feeling upset? I’m going to cry because of you.

While she speaks, we can clearly hear the passion in her voice, and it appears like Charly is genuinely moved and overjoyed by this new experience.

Christy asks once more; Are you going to be sensitive like your mother?

The adorable is unbelievably sweet.

Charly grins in response to the remark. Christy keeps chatting, declaring her love for Charly, becoming more receptive, and smiling again.

Charly displays one of the broadest smiles you would ever see on a newborn at one point.

There isn’t much basic information in the video itself. However, there is a hyperlink to Christy’s Instagram account, where we may find out more.

The Instagram account has a repost from the same video, yet with a different perspective. It was even more thrilling when Christy said in the caption that they’re not sure if Charly could hear at all, even with the implants on.

On the initial Instagram post, some of the responses are absolutely touching. Chrisross76 related the tale of his hearing-impaired younger brother, now 37 years old. Chris was moved to relate his recollections after viewing the clip of Charly hearing for the first time. Additionally, he mentioned a student in his class who had her own sign language instructor. It reminded Christy that things had changed, and Charly wouldn’t have had any difficulties in the developed world.

Other than that, there are many comments expressing happiness watching the video and well wishes for the family.

Christy often keeps updating regarding Charly and her elder sister Cameron on her Instagram account.

Christy shared a picture with a caption describing everything when the clip of Charly hearing for the first time went viral.

Since no previous family was known with hearing loss, Charly (Charlotte) being born entirely deaf shocked them. In case they had not had much trust towards the medications.

After all, the infant’s reaction offered much astonishment and happiness to the gathering because they were expecting ZERO responses from the hearing aids.

Additionally, the caption mentions Christy and her husband’s efforts to learn American Sign Language. They also had plans to research cochlear implants for Charly once she is at the right age. They are appreciative of their network of friends and family and are confident that Charly will feel loved, worthy, and perfectly normal!

We also receive some absolutely adorable pictures of the family courtesy of Christy’s Instagram account.

Christy wasn’t feeling well in this one, so Charly and Cameron were both hugging her. They look so in love in this adorable picture.

To watch the touching moment for yourself, click the video below!

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