The bond between a rescued animal and its keeper can become very strong. That is what happened between a sweet squirrel and the woman who saved her. The animal could not return to its natural home, so Miki Farmer offered his. The affection between them grew so much that today they do not separate for a minute.

The human “mom” of the squirrel’s told good Side how he found it and what the day-to-day life is like at his side.

How they met

At a friend’s house in Florida, Miki Farmer found an abandoned squirrel at the base of a tree. He put her in a box for safety and waited a couple of hours to see if her mother came back for her. The little one was only a few weeks old.

Since she did not, they welcomed her to her home. Miki’s daughter, who studies to be a wildlife rehabilitation specialist, was her original caretaker and bottle-fed her all day. They quickly realized that the squirrel was different because its fur had an unusual texture and its tail was lint-free. Under those circumstances, it would never survive in nature.

So Miki decided to have the squirrel in her house and give her all the necessary care. They treated her with some supplements in hopes of helping her coat grow. Nothing worked. In fact, she lost a great deal of body skin before it finally balanced out. Over time, hair grew everywhere except for the tail.

After a few months of care, the squirrel was already part of the family. They baptized it with the name of Sweet Pea (Sweet Pea). When the little animal was fourteen weeks old, he no longer denied who he preferred. She bit anyone who wanted to hug her. Except for Miki. And they became inseparable.

Creating bonds of friendship and affection

Two years ago that Sweet Pea c onvive with Miki. She doesn’t want to see the little animal all day in a cage, so she does her best to take her to work or to shop in the car. The result is that the caretaker and squirrel spend most of the day together.

Between them, a very strong bond was born, almost like a friendship. Sweet Pea likes to play with Miki’s hair, settle between the folds of her clothes and eat what she is eating. Blueberries, for example. She hides nuts in her shoes and sleeps curled up next to her, while Miki rubs her belly.

The likes of a squirrel

On one such outing to the store, Miki discovered that her squirrel loves unsweetened iced lemon tea. It is no wonder that shopping for iced tea has become part of the daily routine. When Sweet Pea sees the glass, she runs to uncork it, alone and happily drinks its contents. She also loves cookies and sweet potatoes.

Without a doubt,

Sweet Pea is a lucky squirrel. She had the good star of being rescued, rehabilitated, and living with someone who cares for and pampers her. You no longer have to worry about foraging for food and escaping predators.

For Miki, who found her and is now her caretaker, she is the lucky one. Having this sweet little squirrel at home is one of the best things that has happened to her. So much so, that she no longer imagines life without Sweet Pea running around. She is very grateful to have her and be somehow a “mom” to the little squirrel.

What do you think of this story? Have you ever had a chance to rescue a wounded animal? We would like to know about that experience!

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