A 65-year-old woman chases away a robber with a single swing of her bat.


The old woman was threatened but her softball skills came in handy in the situation.

Most people get weak physically and mentally when they become old. Robbers and other scammers take advantage of this,

In the modern world, as the rate of robberies is increasing exponentially day by day, it’s important even for elderly people to know how to defend themselves in such situations. Some attend self-defense classes to learn how to defend themselves, but a majority depend on their own bravery and trust in themselves.

On a calm Sunday morning, a 65-year-old elderly woman had to go through something unexpected. As a grandmother, she was always on alert about her surroundings. She felt something wasn’t right when she heard an unusual noise.

She questioned herself, ‘what was that sound?’ Then she realized that it was coming from outside of her house. Therefore, she peeked through her window to see what it was. That’s when she saw a huge man, who looked terrifying walking around her home.

The woman thought,’ He looks well over 300 pounds and acts suspicious.’ She realized that he wasn’t leading up to anything good. In a few moments, the huge guy started to land heavy punches on the window of her car, he was trying to break in. She watched him for a few moments and thought ‘I should do something.

Things started getting worse than she thought. Looking out the window, she did notice that the man was just wearing his boxers. Other than stealing the car the bugler may have more expectations in his mind. Yet the state of the 65-year-old is perfect for someone rude to get over.

Grandma decides to take action. She grabbed a bat. As she has explained, silently she braced her body and opened the front door. Even if the man was only five feet and six inches with 300 pounds his look was something scary.

Unfortunately, Adam Mosley, the burglar, had an eye on the woman and started approaching her. Yet she had two beneficial statuses too. One is that her experience as a softball player let her know how to swing a ball effectively. Next, she had a weapon, a bat with her.

The grandma was straight to business. When Mosley was in a fast approach towards her, with no early warning, she was triggered. With no time she smashed hard on the thief’s head. She did act out how he was screaming after the attack. Suddenly the man ran away from the premises.

Yet he wasn’t a smart guy at all. Mosley left all his belongings except the boxers he was wearing at grandma’s place. This paved the way to track him down easily using a canine officer. At times of arrest, he was wearing another pair of trousers with cocaine in the pockets. With a clarification by the grandma he was taken into custody.

After being arrested, he was taken to court. In court, he was charged with burglary and possession of drugs. The grandma did state that the burglar was lucky that she didn’t possess a gun. Or else the outcome would have been something completely different.

Good for Grandma, she was able to defend herself from the Ruthless. But everyone would not be so lucky. SO BE ATTENTIVE. Also, you can watch a full video about the incident below.

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