A 5,000 kg boulder named Kummakivi has been perched Balancing on rock in Finland for 11,000 years.


Since its discovery, this odd sight has baffled tourists and given rise to legends about giants balancing the boulder in place, but geologists now have a more plausible explanation: glaciers. This balancing rock is not the first to be found, and experts think that glaciers, which might have lifted such a heavy boulder, left it behind as they retreated to the north around 8,000 years ago. Even giants cannot match the strength of glaciers.

This Finnish balancing rock’s name, “Kummakivi,” translates to “weird rock.” This remarkable geological structure is composed of two rocks. The rock at the bottom is shaped like a sloping mound. It has a smooth, convex surface and is buried in the ground.

Another enormous rock around 7 meters long rests on top of this bedrock (22.97 ft). Because of how closely these two rocks touch, it appears as though the upper rock is pulling off an impossible balance.

The ancient natives, who were doubtless puzzled by the sight of this natural marvel, looked for an explanation as to how this balancing rock ended up in such a perplexing position. This group of individuals probably attempted to move the Kummakivi Balancing Rock using their own hands. They reasoned that a supernatural force must have transported the boulder to the location after realizing that their physical efforts to shift it were ineffective.

For probabilistic seismic hazard evaluations, knowledge of the amount of force required to move these rocks is crucial since it can reveal information about the size of previous earthquakes, their frequency, and their recurrence. So, balancing rocks might actually save lives!

In conclusion, it is true that the Kummakivi Balancing Rock is a marvel of nature. While mythological giants were once thought to have formed it, a more scientific explanation is now accessible.

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