A 5-year-old kid holding a 2-month-old baby in his arms and knocking on the door of a neighbor asks for help.


The young child who lived next door kept informing her that his mother had passed away.

Do you remember the first time as a child that you were left without your parents? Perhaps you strayed and got lost. Did you experience fear or remained calm?

Would you have been capable of dealing with a emergency?

By following his instincts, a 5-year-old child from San Tan Valley, Arizona was able to save his mother.

a loud sound

He accomplished everything on his own without help from coaches, manuals, or instructions.

When a sound came from the bathroom, Salvatore Cicalese was in bed.

He entered the room and saw his mother lying still on the floor. Salvatore remained calm when other children might have screamed or cried.

protecting his younger sister

Instead, he carried his baby sister, who was only two months old, to the living room after wrapping her in a blanket. He then moved a bar stool to the garage and used it to reach the garage door switch.

He walked with his young sister to their neighbor’s home.

When the siblings showed up at Jessica Penoyer’s front door in the middle of the night, she expressed shock.

Penner told ABC15, “He’s standing there clutching something, and I thought it was a doll.”

requesting assistance

Penner misunderstood what he was saying and believed their dog had passed away. The youngster, meanwhile, insisted that it was his mother and that she had passed away in the shower. He also requested that she care after them.

Penoyer dialed 911 right away.

The woman was found in the bathtub with the water still running when emergency personnel arrived. The incident would have turned tragic if Salvatore hadn’t intervened.

He genuinely saved my life. In front of the faucet, I was. Salvatore’s mother, Kaitlyn Cicalese, told the local television station that if he hadn’t obtained help, she would have drowned.

A seizure happened to Kaitlyn.

awakening in a hospital

After putting the kids to bed, the horrific experience started. After a long day, Kaitlyn decided to take a shower, which is the last thing she remember.

She realized she was already in a hospital when she awoke.

When the story was told to the rural Metro firefighters, they appreciated Sal’s bravery.

When a fire truck arrived at their house, a group of firefighters gave him a medal, a helmet, and a patch.

spreading information

Sal was delighted to be appointed as a “honorary firefighter” by fire spokesperson Shawn Gilleland.

The fire department also used this chance to speak with parents.

They clarified that this incident is an excellent illustration of the potential risks one could face when around children. The government emphasized the point that children should receive clear instructions and practice exercises so they know how to act in an emergency.

“Describe it with them. What should you do? How does one call 911? What situations should dial 911? How do you leave your house, too? How to react in the event of a fire,” Gilleland told ABC15.

His own instincts alone

Sal did the right thing, but his family also acknowledged that they’ve never teached to their kid about doing these action. Sal only followed his instincts and made sure his mother and sister were secure.

To witness the brave hero in action and learn more, watch the video below below.

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