A 2-year-old boy spends $10,000 on pizza and ice cream while his dad is sleeping


The man recounted his son’s prank on Twitter, which quickly went viral.

When you have small children at home, you know that mischief is the order of the day, and everything can be turned upside down in the blink of an eye. Some of the most common misdeeds are scratching the walls or throwing things down the toilet. However, in this day and age where technology is everywhere, children will inevitably make mischief with something related to it. Cell phones are usually the devices to which they have the most access. Therefore, the variety of mischief they can do there is many.

This is just what happened to a man from Buenos Aires, Argentina. A few days ago, she woke up to find the big surprise that her two-year-old son had prepared for her: spending 10,000 Lucas on food.

The father recounted the incident on his Twitter account and explained that his son woke him up by yelling that there was a motorcycle outside his house. Given this, the man decided to analyze the situation and realized that, outside his house, a delivery man was waiting to deliver a package.


This happened because the little one woke up very hungry and decided to satisfy his craving.

According to the man, his son asked for his cell phone to watch videos of a cartoon involving pink pigs. He would then take a nap. Like any modern parent, he agreed. He gave him the cell phone, and when the boy fell exhausted, the man took the opportunity to take a nap too.

I didn’t expect the two-year-old, who still can’t speak well; could order so much food on his own. However, thanks to the ease that cell phones and applications have now, that little guy could order groceries through the computer.

The account of the damages was a charge to the card for 10,000 Argentine pesos, which is equivalent to 55 US dollars.

In exchange, the man and his son received two pizzas, a ham and cheese sandwich, a rough two-litre soda, and almond ice cream. In addition to the amount of food, the account grew so much because the boy ordered from a pizzeria called Astral, which is the most expensive in the region.

This curious story immediately went viral on social media. And although the father only wanted to share the funny anecdote with the Twitter community, criticism soon rained down on him. Most users called him a bad father for leaving his son with a cell phone unsupervised. Given this, the man clarified several things and pointed out that it is easy to tell others how to educate other people’s children; but in practice, no one is a perfect parent.

He assured that his son has many toys, books, colours, etc., to entertain himself and that he has lacked something at no time. However, just like any other child, he enjoys watching cartoons. The cell phone makes that task easier, more than a television, at least for him. So sooner or later, the infant might access other windows.

Given this, they recommended putting passwords on each application to prevent the child from entering other things that could cause greater damage. As many know, food applications save the address and bank details and show images of each dish. So the boy just had to select what she wanted and wait for her to get home. Finally, the man mentioned that he had uninstalled those apps.


Fortunately, the man took the situation with humour and both father and son had fun with it.

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