A 14-year-old teen with a big body goes viral for his diving skills.


The teenager is demonstrating to the entire universe that in athletics, size is irrelevant.

We have been under continual pressure to conform to social norms. In the way, we’re led to believe that there was a certain beauty standard or appropriate profession depending on sexes. There is a common thought on what somebody may appear like and must be.

Individuals gradually took action to deviate from the norm. Some individuals continue to impose their antiquated prejudices on others. But we should look up to those who get rejected and encourage them.

Individuals such as the females who work as engineers, astronauts, and racing car drivers, models with a mixture of racial, cultural, and physical characteristics are some such people who get judged.

The protagonist of today’s story became famous because he disproved these prejudices. Zeke Sanchez had the required determination and enthusiasm to follow his passion.

If you wouldn’t meet the standards, shatter it nonetheless! It’s what Zeke Sanchez has done to the general public’s perception of individuals who engage in diving.

What comes to mind when you imagine a diver? Perhaps somebody with a fit body? They refer to it as “Baywatch body.” Zeke, however, demonstrated that there are other images of divers because he does not have the same type of body.

Zeke shared a clip of his failed dive tries in 2018, receiving over 180,000 views on his Instagram story. Zeke hadn’t been labelled when this was previously covered by a sports page. He focused on it since he felt it’d be wonderful to be recognized once more.

His driving prowess caught the attention of SportsCenter, Barstool Sports, and ESPN this year, and word spread about this youngster who is a good diver! One of the clips has received over 3 million views after it was published on SportsCenter.

Zeke is the undisputed advocate of body confidence. He showed everyone that he could compete in athletics, particularly diving, in which everyone would often anticipate such a well-toned and powerful physique.

“They have never truly witnessed a youngster my size be capable of doing the same. However, I believe that, if you truly want to attempt anything, if you’re determined, then it’s possible,” he said in an interview for ABC 15 Arizona.

Even his trainer commended him since he possessed a quality that all professional sporting coaches look for, not just because he shattered the norm of body images in his game.

He isn’t out here attempting tricks. Zeke is really dedicated. According to East Valley Dive Club Head trainee Lauren Thiel, he listens to his mistakes and works hard to perfect the sport.

She says that Zeke has continually progressed in the crucial areas in their game. Many others were impressed by his ability and commitment, especially his coaches, colleagues, and young athletes of similar height and age who may have felt excluded from athletics.

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