96-year-old Dick Van Dyke and wife Arlene Silver covers ‘Everybody loves a lover’.


Age is just a number, it doesn’t affect your abilities. It can limit you physically to a certain extent, but not your mental abilities and skills.

96-year-old Dick Van Dyke still has the energy to perform a song and a dance with his wife Arlene Silver to entertain us. His wife Arlene Silver is now 50-years-old.

Dick Van Dyke is famous for his roles in the “Dick Van Dyke Show” and “Mary Poppins”. Recently Van Dyke sang a duet with his wife in a clip for Silver’s band Arlene and the Vantastix feat. Tony Guerrero.

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“I should worry, not for nothin’
Everybody loves me, yes they do
And I love everybody
Since I fell in love with you,” Silver starts singing the Doris Day while looking into a mirror.

The song, ” Everybody loves a lover” was first performed in 1958. Doris Day performed it with Frank Dewol and his Orchestra written by Robert Allen and Richard Adler.

The song was a hit at the time and was remade several times over the years.

The remake for Arlene’s band was done in their studio, which had beautiful fruit and flowered patterns on its walls and furniture. The video was also color graded, giving a happy and bold vibe that complimented the beauty of the studio.

Silver walks to his beloved husband while singing the song and then Van Dyke joins the singing with his beautiful voice. He performs some dance moves with his wife along the way.

The video ends with Van Dyke kissing his wife silver passionately.

The couple got married in 2012, after knowing each other for more than 6 years. They celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary on the 29th of February this year.

Silver told Parade, ” I still remember Dick sitting at the catering table with his big smile on his face. Right when I sat down, he sat next to me while adjusting his bow tie. He immediately said, ” Hi, I’m Dick? And I asked him, ‘ You were in ‘Mary Poppins’, didn’t you?”

In 1984, after 36 years of marriage, Van Dyke git divorced from his first wife, Margie Willet.

He had a close relationship with Michelle Triola for 30 years. Triola died in 2009, and after a few years, Dick git married to Silver.

“Silver is a great lady who understands me well. And I’m a childish person who needs a lot of attention. Therefore, I think we’re a great match,” said Dyke.

According to Silver, the relationship between her and Dick developed slowly from friendship to love. She says that Dick’s childishness is what made her fall for him.

” Living with Dick is a lot of fun. His childishness and humor make my life better. Yes, he is a bit immature, but not in a bad way. When I join him, I feel like, I’m experiencing my second childhood. It’s just a lot of fun,” said Silver.

The duet of them singing, ” Everybody loves a lover” got more than 888 000 views on Silver’s youtube channel.

“That little sidestep at the end is what he used to do on the opening credits of the Dick Van Dyke show. He is a joy!” wrote one commenter.

“I love this so much!! Dick is still all that and a bag of chips, and his wife is adorable and has a beautiful voice too. So so cute,” wrote another.

Watch the beautiful duet in the video below. And remember to share this with your loved ones.

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