92-year-old granny is an influencer and a fashion icon


It started as a game and is now one of the most popular old ladies on social media.

They assert that there is never a wrong time to go for your dreams and never a wrong age. Licia Fertz is a 92-year -old woman who demonstrates it perfectly because she became a much-loved influencer. Her story is inspiring, not just due to her age but also because of how the decision to research the internet came about.

It all started on March 22, 2018, when Fritz shared his first photo on Instagram, which he accompanied with the phrase, ” Is there room for an 88-year-old girl? «. This she did because she was “heartbroken” over the loss of the man with whom she shared her life for more than six decades.

This Italian woman saw social media as an escape from her sad reality. She did not expect the furor that her presence in that medium would cause. Soon, other users began to follow her, and after 4 years, she is already an influencer, model, activist, television commentator, columnist, and even the author of a book.

Licia confessed that when her beloved husband Aldo passed away in 2017, she fell into a deep depression. She suddenly felt that her life had no meaning and thought she was only a burden for her family. Then, her grandson, Emanuele Usai, came to the rescue and proposed something to her. Thus, the young man created the Instagram account Buongiorno Nonna (which means Good morning, grandmother) and helped her with her first publications.

The nonagenarian began by sharing videos with positive messages and reflections on self-love. Her charisma and her attitude toward life managed to captivate many users. And what no one expected to happen.

Since he started using social media, his mood has improved.

Fritz overcame his depression thanks to the time and effort he devoted to his profile. Furthermore, as if that weren’t enough, he became a much-loved public figure in Italy and worldwide. This also opened the doors to new opportunities, such as modeling and writing.

In her book entitled There is no time to be sad, the woman invites us never to stop looking for happiness and makes an extraordinary declaration of love for life. Likewise, on her social networks, she never stops sharing her positivity, spreading her happiness, and reminding her followers that they are all beautiful and incredible at any age.

Now, Licia is experiencing a beautiful stage in her life, and she is also an inspiration to all of us by reminding us that age is just a number.

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