9-Year-Old Boy Survives Alone for 2 Years


In southwestern France, a heartbreaking tale unfolded when a 9-year-old boy was left alone in their apartment for two whole years after his mother abandoned him. Despite the difficulties he encountered, this brave young boy displayed remarkable ingenuity and perseverance.

Despite lacking electricity and heat, he persevered and managed to sustain his life. Remarkably, he even maintained his attendance at school, unbeknownst to his teachers and peers, who regarded him as a diligent student.

Throughout this period, compassionate neighbors would sometimes bring him meals, without knowing the challenges he was going through. He managed to get by on canned food, cake, and even tomatoes he plucked from a neighbor’s balcony. Nights were especially tough, as he had to rely on several blankets to stay warm since there was no proper heating. Drinking cold water became a regular part of his daily routine.

Ironically, the mother of the boy lived in a nearby town, only 5 km away from her son. Surprisingly, she rarely visited him or looked after his needs. The boy’s father’s role in his life is uncertain, as he seemed to be completely absent.

It took months for the neighbors to notice the boy living alone, and they finally called the authorities. The mayor admitted that it was difficult to see what was happening. The boy seemed fine because he looked good and did well in school.

A neighbor said the mother was verbally abusive to her son, swearing often. In court, it was revealed that the mother didn’t live with her son. Phone records showed he handled his own schooling. The neighbors confirmed the boy lived alone, despite the mother’s denial.

The mother was charged by the court for abandoning her child and not ensuring his safety. She received a sentence of 18 months in jail, along with six months of wearing an electronic monitoring device. However, now that the boy is a teenager, he has made it clear that he does not want any more contact with his mother. She has only visited him once while he has been in foster care.

The touching story highlights the amazing strength and perseverance of the young boy. His unwavering determination to overcome obstacles and pursue his education is truly inspiring. We can only wish him the love and support he needs in his new journey.

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