“9 Questions About Psychology That Can Help You Understand People Better.”


“Lately, ‘deep conversations’ have gained popularity. They’re like one-on-one philosophical chats between friends. Nowadays, these deep discussions have evolved into a fresh way of communicating that helps people understand each other better.”

“We’ve discovered nine intriguing questions that can engage your conversation partner in discussing topics they might not have considered before. These questions call for in-depth responses, so simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers won’t suffice. Keep in mind, there are no right or wrong answers. Sometimes, a thought-provoking question is valuable in itself.”

And please remember, it’s best not to pose these questions to someone you fear may disappoint you.

“Would you open an envelope that contains the date of your death?”

Answering this question can provide insights into a person’s degree of fatalism and their overall outlook on life.

“Would you want to be friends with yourself?”

This question can help you gauge a person’s self-esteem, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and assess how engaging they find themselves.

“If you could see a measuring scale above people’s heads, what would you prefer it to measure? Their social status, happiness, wealth, or something else?”

This question can help you grasp a person’s values and priorities.

“What sets you apart from others in how you go about things?”

Answering this question can provide insights into a person’s self-esteem, their sense of humor, their degree of spontaneity, and the uniqueness of their personality.

“If your partner never learns about an unintentional instance of cheating, would you choose to confess it to them?”

The response to this question can reflect a person’s moral principles and their approach to interpersonal relationships.

“Do you ever experience the sensation that the same day is repeating itself a hundred times?”

This question can offer insights into how a person perceives their life, as well as whether they find it meaningful or not.

“If women and men lived on two different planets, what do you think would happen to each of these planets?”

This question can help you assess whether the person tends to think in stereotypes or how logical their thinking is.

“If you commit a crime to feed your hungry child, do you consider yourself a bad person, or did you commit the crime out of necessity?”

The response to this question can reveal a person’s moral values and their attitude toward their family.

“If happiness were currency, what job would you choose to earn it?”

This question can provide insights into a person’s aspirations, dreams, and what they believe is lacking in their life.

There are numerous other questions and dilemmas available that you can use for entertainment at a party or as a means to deepen your understanding of a person.

“What kind of questions should you ask someone you’re interested in?”

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