“8 Psychological Explanations for Why We Find Someone More Good-Looking.”


We often believe that beauty is subjective and varies from person to person. However, according to a study, it’s not entirely true. The reality lies somewhere in between. While there are common standards of attractiveness, our individual preferences also have a significant impact.

We decided to explore this subject in greater detail and discover the qualities in people that we find more attractive, often without even consciously realizing it.

1. Pupils

Pupils change size in response to emotions, enlarging when we’re happy. Certain studies suggest that we unconsciously find individuals with larger pupils more attractive, as it signals mutual interest. In the past, Italian women intentionally dilated their pupils using a toxic extract from the belladonna plant to appear more appealing to potential male partners.

2. Proportion of the waist

The ratio of a woman’s waist to her hips has long been regarded as a crucial aspect of her appearance. According to certain studies, the lower the waist-hip ratio, the more attractive a woman appears to men.

3. Face symmetry

Studies have shown that we find symmetrical faces more appealing than less symmetrical ones because our visual receptors can process them more easily. Additionally, we tend to biologically link symmetrical faces with good genetics.

4. Averageness

According to a study, we tend to favor an appearance that appears more average to us. This preference may be attributed to various factors, including the association with biological advantages such as good genes or simply the fact that our brains have a preference for more typical faces.

5. Diet

A small study suggests that food preferences can impact a man’s attractiveness to a woman. The smell of men who had recently consumed fruits and vegetables was deemed much more appealing compared to those who primarily ate foods like bread and pasta.

6. Voice

Research indicates that women associate lower voices in men with maturity, and as a result, find them more attractive.

7. Smell

A woman’s scent can indeed influence how attractive she appears to men, especially when it’s based on her reproductive hormones. Research indicates that women are more appealing to men during ovulation because hormone levels are higher in the middle of the menstrual cycle, signaling their fertility.

8. Taste

Kissing involves the exchange of numerous bacteria, and research suggests that this has practical significance. It helps us determine whether we are a good match with a specific person. Therefore, the way a person tastes can genuinely affect how attractive they are to us.

Which characteristics do you focus on the most when you meet someone? Feel free to share your responses with us!

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