8 keyboard shortcuts that can make the difference between being a beginner and a true PC expert


Whether you use the keyboard for work or just for fun, it is very useful to know the shortcuts that are hidden between the keys on the keyboard. The way you use your hands on it will immediately make a great impression on those who look at you and make you look like a real PC expert.

Not only will these shortcuts – as the name suggests – allow you to speed up some steps that otherwise would have to be done with the mouse, but they will also cover some functions that you completely ignored existed and which will be useful for solving situations that occur. very frequently.

  • Rotate the main screen: This shortcut can be useful when you want your screen to be oriented differently – for example to make your colleague read your screen better when you show them something – or just to play a prank on someone. Pressing the Alt + CTRL + directional arrow keys will rotate the screen as you wish.
  • Lock your PC: Do you have to step away from your PC for a moment, but don’t want to shut it down? With the Windows + L keys you will lock it only momentarily: very useful to prevent someone from peeking at your PC in your absence!
  • Reopen a window that has just closed: if you have closed a browser window by mistake or intentionally, you can always reopen it with the keys CTRL + Shift + T.
  • Screenshot of the active window only: If you need to take a screenshot of the screen, but you don’t want to show the other open applications shown on the status bar at the bottom, you have to press Alt + Stamp . This will only save the image of the currently open active window.
  • The function keys: usually the function keys located at the top of the keyboard, numbered from 1 to 12, are used very little. Some of them, however, allow you to access very useful functions. For example, Alt + F5 refresh the page, Alt + F4 allows you to quickly exit a program, and Alt + F11 switches to full screen mode.
  • Close all windows at the same time: you need to close all open windows? You can do this very quickly with the CTRL + Alt + F4 shortcut.
  • Minimize all windows at once: instead of wasting time minimizing all the windows you have open one by one, you can do it with a single move. Press the Windows key + M.
  • Magnifying glass: Sometimes you need to zoom in on the screen to see a closer detail. Do this using the magnifying glass, which can be activated with Windows and the “+” key.

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