8 Images to Test Your Intelligence


For intelligence, you must constantly receive affirmation. By taking on challenges, riddles, and tests, you can gauge your level of intelligence. Your ability to distinguish between two images that appear similar can be tested. So test your intelligence by completing the exercise below.

Gumball variations

Try to distinguish between these two gumball images.

Spoiler: The bottom right corner of a white gumball is darkened.

Disparity between Disney characters

Try to distinguish between these two bright Disney images.

Spoiler: On the left side of Mickey’s ear, there is a sizable hole.

Dangling Ribbons

Here is a test for you.

You can tell the difference between these two images.

Spoiler: The yellow ribbon that was dangling has been taken down.

What distinguishes the photographs in

A woman is gazing directly through a window in this amazing picture.

Try to identify the differences in the image as well.

Spoiler alert: There isn’t a mouse hole near the bottom right corner.

This one is a jackpot

This image contains a number of variations.

Try to track them all down!

Spoiler: An airplane far in the sky, Big Ben’s apparent time difference, bus numbers, the top of the lamppost, and the man’s newspaper.

Industrial image difference

Try to find the difference between these two industrial images.

Spoiler: The pipe continues at the bottom right corner.

The variations in the globes

Find out the variations.

When you look at it, you’ll be perplexed as to how you missed it.

Spoiler: The branch near the top.

Art differences

If you are an expert on this famous piece of art by Mona Lisa, you will notice the change immediately away.

Spoiler: The background to the left of the picture has been made darker.

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