76-year-old pregnant woman spends millions to reveal the gender of her baby.


This millionaire granny got pregnant after the age of 70 and recently had an extravagant and expensive gender reveal. She and her husband are more than 5 decades apart.

It is well known that love has no age or expiration. Our partner will not always be exactly our age, we may meet him at a party, on a walk in the park or even in a store. He may be 5 years older or younger than us, but in the end the important thing is that there is chemistry in the relationship. Even so, there is still a certain prejudice towards people who have a partner with an age difference, especially when this difference exceeds 10 years.

On this occasion we have to give an example to Giuseppe D’Anna and Milina Gatta, a couple who shared their love story on social networks and it went around the world. Giuseppe, a 19-year-old Italian man, asked his 75-year-old girlfriend to marry him and defended his love before all those who criticized them, as he assured that the age difference did not matter.

@milina_gatta #greenscreen ♬ Originalton – YΛREN TOPCU

D’Anna posted a video titled Our Promise to his official TikTok account, where he can be seen proposing to his 57-year-older girlfriend. The retired woman happily accepted and the boy assured that he had found his soul mate from him.

The Italian Tiktoker set out to hold a dozen huge red balloons and other photos of them. In the midst of it all stood out the sparkling engagement ring that he placed on Milina’s left hand.

“Long-term romance is just getting started now.,” he wrote.

At that time, the opinions regarding their relationship divided the users of the social network. Some assured that the young man “was not in love and hid his true intentions.” Although many others defended the love between the two.

Despite everything, Giuseppe always defended that his love for Molina was genuine and did not hesitate to respond to his haters: “My love is beautiful, always choose what makes you happy, there is no age in love, you have to live without judging ».

Now their story reaches a new point and they revealed that they will be parents.

Seven months later, the lovers surprised their followers again with the news that Molina is pregnant. Through tik tok they shared the video of the revelation of the gender of their baby.


It’s a ????

♬ Halo – Beyoncé

In this we can see both of them holding hands in the middle of a lavish celebration waiting for the lights to reveal the gender. In the end they celebrated because they are waiting for a beautiful girl.

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