6 Proofs That Looney Tunes Are Better Than Today’s Cartoons


Today, cartoons are not what they were a few decades ago. However, it is an industry still alive due to love, nostalgia, and innovation in animation; several countries are now leaders in producing and consuming this material. However, a few years ago, watching cartoons or reading comic strips was a hobby for many people.

Hugh Harman and Rudy Ising were the master and creative minds of one of the series that would mark an era and several generations. The ‘Looney Tunes’ began as a series of cartoons from the Warner Bros. company through a short film in 1930 that was the first time these characters were presented to the world.

As the years passed, the popularity of the series increased and therefore also its diffusion, reaching different countries of the world. After so many years, new episodes continue to be released, and the characters are still just as endearing as before.

The following list of reasons briefly explains why this series of yesteryear is considered one of the best.

1. A new course in animation

The Looney Tunes animation team completely changed the way of watching series of this type, as they began to show much more complex shots than before and played with camera angles to attract viewers.

2. Music is an important element

Another critical issue in any project is the accompanying music, without knowing it, hearing a melody or a letter in a particular scene transports you to that world instantly. The Warner Bros. production succeeded in integrating it into the drawings that began to become increasingly attractive to the viewer.

3. They created a new type of “violence”

The ingenuity and creativity of the series showed a unique side in relation to how they presented “violence” in their episodes. Since they did it through blows, bruises, or explosions, they did not directly send a negative message.

4. No matter how many years passed, they were not dull.

Each character had their reason for being, and it was a repeating cycle. However, the chapters never felt repetitive and always found a new way to enchant the viewers.

5. Bugs Bunny and his occurrences.

The protagonist and face of the series, Bugs Bunny, is an emblematic rabbit who finds the perfect formula to escape from problems constantly. Each adventure was a different journey and a learning experience for the character.

6. The remarkable development of its characters.

In addition to the great sense of humor that the program had, one of the most remarkable things is the arc that each character had and developed because throughout the episodes, something different from them was seen to such a level that they became unforgettable.

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