5 movies that teach us the value of inner beauty, just like “Wonder”.


Wonder was a great success and is considered a beautiful movie with great teachings. However, it is not the only film that inspires you to get ahead despite the adversities.

When Wonder premiered in 2017, it captured the hearts of the audience with its incredible cast and its moving story. The plot caught the whole world, as it taught us the values we should all practice.

The film is based on the novel by RJ Palacios and follows the life of August Pullman. August is ten years old and suffers from Treacher-Collins syndrome, a disease that affects the development of the facial bones. Because of his condition, our protagonist faced various adversities with adapting to society. Although some discriminated against him because of his appearance, he received the love and support of his family.

Thus, August is a living example of what it is to face every challenge bravely when he starts going to school. Thanks to his perseverance, he makes friends who love him for who he is.

In the end, Auggie becomes a boy well-loved by those around him.

“Wonder shows how superficial some differences can be and the amazing things that can happen between people when we overcome those differences to get to know each other…,” said critic Hosea Rupprecht.

This is why today we bring you five movies that will captivate you if you like Wonder.

1-.Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

The comedy follows the Hoovers, a dysfunctional family who embarks on a trip in a dilapidated van to take Olive, the youngest of its members, to a child beauty pageant. After a bumpy journey, the aspiring warbler arrives at the competition and, despite not conforming to her stereotypes, she takes over the stage without the classic ostentation of these pageants.

Instead, Olive offers a performance to remember with the courage and solidarity of her family members in this story that encourages us to face our fears and lean on others.

2-. Scissorhands Boy (1990)

The film tells the story of Edward Scissorhands, a young man who has scissors instead of hands and an unusual appearance as he is the unfinished construction of a scientist who died.

In the plot, he conforms to the wishes of society and helps people with his extraordinary cutting skills, but he is still considered an outcast for his differences.

The film is a metaphor for how physically challenged individuals must work harder than most to earn equal recognition and how love helps us cope with rejection.

3-.At the front of the class (2008)

The film tells the true story of Brad Cohen, a young man with Tourette syndrome who wants to become an elementary school teacher but faces permanent rejection for his condition.

Throughout the film, his experiences from childhood are followed as what it has been like to suffer from this disease. At school, he had no friends, was teased, and had to change schools.

At his new school, he meets a principal who helps his classmates learn to tolerate their condition. Growing up, she wanted to be the teacher he didn’t have, but it won’t be an easy task.

4-. A child from another world (2007)

The film follows a writer who adopts a child with peculiar behaviour: he is convinced that he is from Mars and avoids contact by hiding in a box.

After agreeing to be his adoptive father, the novelist will seek to gain the little one’s trust by playing along with him to get him out of the box and gain self-confidence.

The moving story teaches us about love and respect in the family, but we all have something unique, and many are discriminated against for those aspects that make them different.

5-.A monster comes to see me (2016)

The tape tells the story of Connor, a 13-year-old boy who, after going through his parents’ separation, must face his mother’s severe illness and the bullying he suffers.

From then on, the boy learns to face all his fears and difficulties with the support of a monster that gives him strength and tells stories with essential lessons for life.

Like the protagonist, the viewer can learn invaluable things from this story that shows the complex path that must be travelled before being brave and facing life.

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