39 People with Unique Genes


People often say that some people are special. But nature has made this even more true.

Sometimes, a gene combination comes together in a very rare way that creates some of the strangest human body traits. we have collected some of the most unusual cases ever seen, from unusual birthmarks to too many fingers or toes. These folks have a superpower that can get people talking! Wouldn’t it be cool to have that kind of ability?

As you go down the page, click “like” on your favorite genetic traits. Do you have an interesting genetic trait? Share it with us in the comments. Also, take a look at our previous list of people with unique genetics by clicking the link.

1 A little girl was born with a white patch of hair that looks exactly like her mother’s.

2 Take a look at this kid’s eyes. He has a condition called Waardenburg Syndrome.

3 My son has an incredible birthmark!

4 My sister has ginger hair and a rare genetic condition called heterochromia. It’s like she’s a work of art!

5 I’m sure you’ll like my eye.

6 My friend’s iris is divided into two parts.

7 A man has vitiligo on one side of his face.

8 Zhang Hongming has a rare medical condition called giant pigmented nevus, which is also known as giant furred moles.

9 Uncombable Hair Syndrome is a real genetic condition. It is estimated that only about 100 people in the world have it.

10 A customer came in and I took a picture of their hands which had six fingers on each.

11 I have ears like an elf.

12 I have a condition called distichiasis which causes my eyelashes to grow in more than one row.

13 Sometimes people look at my eye and pause in the middle of a conversation, making me wonder why.

14 I have vitiligo on one side of my face.

15 I was born with hair that was both blonde and brown.

16 I have brown rings around my eyes.

17 My height isn’t very tall, just 151 cm, but my toes are unusually long.

18 Our daughter has eyelashes that are different colors.

19 I was born with twelve fingers and toes, all of them working properly. Here are my baby photos.

20 People often comment on my belly button.

21 My son was born with a condition called coloboma, which affects both eyes.

22 My thumb seems to be too big.

23 My daughter was born with extra fingers on one hand and two thumbs – it’s really cool!

24 My ring finger and middle finger are joined together.

25 I heard that my peace sign is unusually wide.

26 This person has an iris that covers their pupil.

27 I have two uvulas.

28 I have a stripe going through my eye.

29 On my right hand, I was born without a little finger.

30 The way my coworker’s knees bend when they sit down.

31 I have had an extra hole in my ear for a few years, but today was the first time someone took a picture so I could see it.

32 I only have eyelashes on one eye.

33 This person has a thumb with three parts instead of two.

34 My pinkie was the only finger that became numb when I was working outside in the winter.

35 My neck skin is stretchy enough for me to suck on it without using my hands.

36 I have a stripe on my left eye.

37 I was born with about three toes on my right foot.

38 My friend has two toes on each foot.

39 My husband has a rare genetic change that makes his fingernails grow inwards instead of outwards.

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